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A single hair on your head can provide much information about you. The hair on your head usually grows 2 to 6 years before they fall out, and tiny blood vessels feed the base of every hair strand. During that time, your hair shaft looks to absorb chemicals from any drugs you take, including natural toxins, toxins or sweat around you.

A hair test uses special tools and techniques from Bossa Nova technologies to learn more about your hair. Your hair test results can show a lot about your health and habits; how the test is done depends on the lab, and the results can vary. In this specific guide, you will learn more about a hair analysis test and what things it can check. 

What Can It Check For?  

A hair analysis test can help check for the following:

  • Drug use: With the growth of your hair, some drugs will stick to the strands, and you will not be able to wash them out. Due to this, your hair can reveal if you have used drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, opioids and weed. A urine test can help reveal if you have used drugs in the past few days, but a hair test can help reveal if you took drugs over the last three months.
  • Heavy metals: If your hair has toxins such as arsenic and mercury, you may suffer from specific health problems. A hair analysis test with the help of testing equipment from Bossa Nova technologies can help reveal if your hair has toxins.
  • Genetic disorders: Your hair sample can help diagnose Fragile X syndrome, a common disorder passed down among families. 
  • Family links: Hair follicles kept side by side can help to show if people are relatives by blood. 
  • Alopecia: If you are consistently losing your hair or it is not growing as it should, a close-up look can help a medical expert to figure out the best solution for the alopecia problem. 

How is the Hair Analysis Test Done? 

Hair samples are cut from the scalp or pulled up with the roots based on the test reason. For some hair tests, you might require a lock of hair around three inches long and close to the width of a pencil. If you have curly hair, the sample will likely be the size of a cotton ball. 

For other types of tests, you require hair that is still attached to the roots. The hair follicle inside of your skin has the most number of your unique genetic code known as the DNA. To confirm paternity, hair follicle test kits are sold online. 

Final Words 

If you have problems with your hair or want to know more about your hair, you can opt for a hair analysis test. A visual hair assessment with the aid of systems and equipment by Bossa Nova technologies can help ensure that any or all problems in your hair are figured out. Visit your nearest medical facility today for a hair assessment test.

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