Memorize an Essay

Memorize An Essay

Memorize is a small word when it comes in the dictionary but the process is long. It cannot happen overnight. To memorize better you need to follow a daily routine where you need to keep learning the same thing over and over again. If you want to memorize something, be it essay, poem, lecture, etc. word for word, you have to divide the essay or poem into certain parts. To memorize an essay, you have to understand the technique of visualization which makes things easily remembered. In essays you do not need to memorize the whole part word for word but the main theme and the ideas on which you have made your conclusion. So, if you want to learn how to memorize an essay, read till the end of the blog.

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Ways to memorize an essay

Ways to Memorize an Essay

Coming to the central theme, we will discuss how to memorize the essays easily and become a pro in learning

Rule 1: It is very important to make a schedule and find out how long is your essay that you have to learn. You need to see whether you have more time to learn the essay or you have to learn it within a little time. Break the time accordingly and also break your essay section in parts so that you learn your essay in that time. Suppose you have to memorize in 2 days, you can break your essay into 4 parts and study each part for 30 minutes in 1 day and continue the same for the second day. But remember to take breaks in between.

Rule 2: Start early when you need to remember anything or you can study at night depending on your schedule. Study each paragraph every day if you have time for 30 days and master 1 section each day. Once you have memorized 2 parts try to put them together and start learning them again.

Rule 3: This works for everyone so you need to focus on this and not laugh at yourself. Study out Loud! It is very important because it makes you read and speak every single word in the essay and hence helps in remembering it.

Rule 4: It is important to test yourself after reading. So, put your book or copy down and try to recite it on your own as much as you can from your memory. With practice, you will recall more and more and if you have a partner try to test your memory by giving them your essay to look at. In case you miss a word or forget a line, they can prompt you by telling one or two words.

Rule 5: All essays do not demand you to remember each and every line so in that case you can remember the main ideas in each section of the essay and make it in your own words. Try to remember each idea that you have placed in the essay and try to make your essay coherent. Or else you can remember by simply visualizing it one after the other.

Rule 6: You can link passages to certain gestures by associating words with movements. You can make a certain pattern to start your paragraph and slowly remember the gestures to emphasize a particular word in the essay. Or else you can use memory palace techniques where you can imagine a room or building as an essay and slowly make the furniture its points. For example, you can imagine a photograph as a family, a table as a cooperation, or a telephone as a communication and form your essay accordingly.

Rule 7: This one is very interesting as you can make outlines with colorful pens or pencils and remember the main ideas, concepts and arguments. You can memorize the outline of the essay instead of the entire essay and mark the important information. Make flashcards if you want to recall certain quotes from literary or academic essays. Memorize one quote at a time and practice it every day.

Rule 8: Last but not the least, make a flow chart of the main ideas of the essay.

Hope these steps make you a better learner and solve your purpose. If you need best assignment experts, do visit GotoAssignmentHelp platform to get high quality essay help from our experts.

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