You can easily keep a pet rabbit inside a cage at your home with free space for them to run around the house once the rabbit-proofing work is completed. Rabbits can take the litter training properly, for which many rabbit owners let them run free around the house. Even if you have rabbit-proofed your home and the rabbit is toilet trained, having a Rabbit Cage is extremely necessary. These cages create a haven for these cute little pets where they can easily rest or retreat for the day. 

Finding the right cage: How to do it?

So, how do you find the best cage for your pet rabbit/rabbits? There are several ways you can get the work done, which are:

  1. The size of the cage 

Regarding the cage size, you should go for the bigger one. Your rabbit will spend most of its time inside the cage, and you must get the biggest one, which is practical within the house. The cage should be four times the size of the rabbit itself. If you have a smaller rabbit that weighs below 8LBS, the cage size should be 24″ by 36″. But if your rabbit is bigger, go for a 30″ by 36″ cage. Two-story condos paired with a ramp connecting the levels are popular among the bunnies.

  1. Litter or Bedding

To set up the interiors of the Rabbit Cage, sisal or grass mats will be a great option as they can offer traction. Fleece blankets, towels or carpets can also be great choices for nice mats, as long as the rabbit is not eating or unravelling them. If you have other pets, you should avoid using pine and cedar shaving because of the aromatic oil they happen to release. 

Experts say these oils can also elevate the levels of several liver enzymes. These enzymes can easily affect drug metabolism and various other compounds. But if you’re using wood shavings, it will be much better to use hardwood shavings like Aspen. It’s an excellent alternative. Hay or straw is an immaculate choice for bedding material and a litter box.

  1. The exercising area

You must provide your rabbit with an exercise space of around 24 square feet. If it’s required, you can also make a pen or use baby gates to contain that area. Also, the gate height should be around 3 feet to 4 feet tall. You can use carpet pieces or yoga mats within the exercise area to prevent foot sores when you don’t own a thick carpet.

Rabbits can easily run in this area for 4 hours daily, but you can give them access to this location 24×7. The small wired house-shaped cages are an excellent example of rabbit cages. You can easily place the pan on top of the wire bottom to stop foot sores from occurring. 

You can also place the mat to cover up the wires. But make sure that you don’t attach wheels to your rabbit cage, as it can be pretty dangerous when it moves.


Rabbit cages are ideal for all types of big and small rabbits. A cage is a place where it can call home and can easily stay, rest and even retreat there. When looking for a rabbit cage, do proper research and check the litter/bedding and other things before purchasing.


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