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Plastic packaging has received hate for the past few years. And we all know the reason. Plastic packaging might be reusable and recyclable to some extent, but still, these factors do not make plastic a perfect packaging. A packaging box should secure our product from external harm. And also, it should not emit any harmful radiation that could affect the outcome. But plastic does it all. Suppose plastic packaging proves to be helpful. Then it also has some adverse circumstances. And that is the reason why the use of eco-friendly boxes has increased drastically. People started using organic packaging as a trend. But now, it has become a necessity. What if we wish to sell a product in organic packaging? Where should we start? And how to make our boxes 100% eco-friendly? Let us discuss ten sustainable box packaging for your products.

Using an eco-friendly box:

Using an organic box is no longer an option. We have to choose if we wish to sell our product professionally. Not long ago, the importance of organic packaging was highlighted. Even though we knew how terrible plastic was for our health, we still kept utilizing it. And in a pandemic, we realized how much the use of plastic affected the wild and aqua life. So from that moment on, people decided to get rid of plastic in their lives.

And we did it by completely switching to organic packaging. It all started as a challenge. And now we prefer to purchase products having 100% eco-friendly packaging. And one of the most known boxes around the world is cardboard introduced in 1817. Cardboard packaging is of various types. And each one of them differs in appearance and nature. So it is always the assignment of your packaging provider to tell you about different boxes. So make sure you choose the right supplier.

Reusing and recycling:

Have you ever received a product in a box and decided to keep it for future use? Well, that is the process of reusing. We make use of something that seems useless. In the same way, we reuse sustainable packaging boxes to pack the products that we might need later. And we can reuse newspaper or colored paper as a wrapping sheet for our presents. Besides, recycling converts old materials to manufacture new ones. For example, paperboard packaging gets manufactured with recycled paper or fibers. Likewise, newspapers, plastic, clothes or textiles, can also be recycled.


Reducing is the process where we reduce everything to manufacture packaging. We reduce machinery, expenditure, cost, energy, and material. Here are some examples of lowering. When we lessen the material in packaging. Using a refillable

Water bottle. Not giving each of the individual items in a box a different packaging.


Upcycling is the process of transforming some useless products into useful ones. Unfortunately, many people get confused between upcycling and recycling. So let us crack this intricacy. Recycling is the process where we break down a product completely. And from that raw material, we manufacture a new product. Meanwhile, in upcycling, we alter the item. And in the modified version, some characteristics of the previous product remain.

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Use organic fillings:

The use of packaging filings has increased. No matter what product we sell, we have to fill our box with them. But what could be the reason? Many new sellers sell small products from homes. And to make their packaging seem fuller, they use packaging fillings. Now organic fillers must be used only for products that require protection due to their fragile nature. Otherwise, if we use them for every product, we would be wasting material. Instead, we could fill in our eco-friendly packaging boxes with corrugated bubble wraps, paper, newspaper, and organic foam peanuts.

Minimize the packaging:

Minimizing the packaging means cutting off the expenses. And also to lessen the use of packaging material in a box. And for that purpose, we could use slotted packaging boxes. Such a package does not even require adhesive to bind together.

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Use bioplastics:

Bioplastic is often getting used in the food industry. These are the plastic materials that are manufactured with renewable biomass sources. Meanwhile, conventional plastic is made from petroleum. Some of the types of bioplastic are:

  • Starch-based bioplastic,
  • Cellulose-based bioplastic,
  • Protein-based bioplastic,
  • And organic Polyethylene bioplastic.

Bioplastic is currently getting used to manufacture disposable products like

  • cups,
  • container,
  • straws,
  • toys, etc.

Meanwhile, it is also receiving recognition in textiles, agriculture, electronics, and transport.

Use organic ink for customization:

When do we decide to use an organic box? How about using a 100% pure one? But the problem is that many people think that they achieved the obligation by using a cardboard box. There are so many things that we need to consider.

  • Use sustainable box packaging
  • Use the appropriate method for customization that uses organic ink
  • Use organic packaging fillers
  • Do not use any harmful adhesive or tape

Using seed packaging boxes:

Plant-based packaging is also known as zero-waste packaging. This is because it allows us to bury it in the soil. And it decomposes, which leaves behind the seeds embedded with the packaging. The sources could grow into herbs or flowers.

Use recyclable lamination:

Use a lamination for your boxes that do not affect your product or nature. Meanwhile, carefully dispose of your laminated packaging boxes. Now get yourself the sustainable packaging boxes in the UK, and set a positive image of your brand.


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