Wavlink Range Extender

Here we are mainly talking about the Wavlink Range extender device. There are tons of devices in the market by which you can surf the internet. The router or modem plays a major role in that. However, sometimes the router range and speed are not enough to provide a stable and speedy internet connection. Signal strength is also a major concern. To overcome this issue, you can use devices that can extend the signal strength.

The extender will play a key role to fix all this trouble. For that, it is mandatory to place the extender device in a perfect place. There are many routers available in the market that will fix this issue. Wavlink extender is also a great device to tackle this trouble. The Wavlink Range extender spreads the signal over a large area and delivers a fast speed of 1200Mbps with both frequency bands. You can easily stream HD videos and games without any buffering.

The login and setup process for this extender is so easy and can be done by visiting its official website wifi.wavlink.com. The four external high gain antennas extend the wireless signal coverage to great extent. Some key features of the Wavlink WiFi range extender are mentioned below.

Key Features Of Wavlink Range Extender

Fast and Secure

The Wavlink Range Extender manages to extend the signal at every corner of your building. The speed delivered by this extender is also unmatchable, as it is capable of delivering the speed of 857MBps and 300MBps with 5GHz and 2.4GHz. With its fast speed, you can stream HD movies and games without any trouble. The ethernet ports will deliver a stable and fast internet connection. It also provides security to the connection while using the ethernet cable as compared to the wireless connection.

Compatible and Design

This device manages to run with about maximum router devices. It is compatible with 802.11ac, 802.11b, 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11a WiFi communication standards, which offer you to extend the range at your workplace and home. The wall-plug design gives relaxation from setting and placing the extender device. You can directly plug the extender into the AC socket as it has a socket panel on its back. It saves the equipment cost to place the extender.

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Easy To Manage

As we mentioned above, the setup and login process of the Wavlink Range Extender is a cakewalk. You have to type its official website in the web browser to do so. The LED light on the front will teach you to spot the right destination for this device. Look for the bars on the front panel of the device. If there should be at least two bars, it means the device is at a good location and will provide a good network connection. Now we are going to discuss the operation to update the Wavlink range extender firmware manually.

How To Update The Wavlink Range Extender Firmware Manually?

You need a system device and a stable internet connection to perform this task. Firstly, you have to download the Wavlink range extender firmware. To download the firmware visit the Wavlink website and search for the extender. Now choose the model number of your device and hit the enter button. You can also select the firmware under the support option. You will see the download button. Hit it.

Choose the location on your system device where you wish to download the file. After the download process is completed, log in with the Wavlink account. Go to the firmware update option. It shows the current version of the device. Now load the file by selecting the destination you had downloaded the file and then click on the OK option. Click on update and the timer will show until the update process is completed.

Scam or Real?

This device works pretty well. I need a device that can extend the signal as well as speed. Buying the new router device is costlier for me, so I decided to purchase this product. This device plays a major role in doing that. It extends the signal coverage not only indoors, but also on the outdoors such as gardens and parks. The wall-plug design will definitely save my equipment cost to place the device.

Just plug in to enjoy the wireless internet connection. Final words from me, it is a terrific device and all things in this device are going well from the purchase. It’s a real product and I suggest the buyers purchase it. For more details wifi.wavlink.com is available.

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