Synology DS220 NAS Storage

The Synology DS220 NAS Storage Device provides one GbE of LAN ports that can simply support the network data and multimedia management. You can safely share your files, media documents, photos with end-to-end encryption protection. The device is equipped with two-bay USB drives that can support hard drives as well. Using a NAS storage device will help you to provide the storage space for your files and is useful for big companies. You can also enjoy video streaming by connecting to the Synology NAS device. It is budget-friendly and compatible with the new modern storage solution.

The Synology DiskStation DS220 has super powerful LED power buttons with a single 3.0 USB port. If you look at the rear panel of the device then you find 93mm of the fan inside the device that can keep everything cool when the device is heated up. With one Gb LAN port, USB ports, and power inputs you will get an amazing storage experience.

Synology DS220 NAS Storage Hardware Installation

The hardware installation requires just before the setup of the Synology NAS Storage device. You have to be ready with the tools and the spare parts of the storage device. Simply you need a 2.5 inches screwdriver or 3.5 SATA drive for your DS220 model. Please keep in your mind that whenever you are installing the device it will format all the existing data. So make a backup of your important data or before the installation process of the Synology device.

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Drivers Installation

This is the first step towards the installation in which you have to remove the drive bay from the front panel of your device. Now push the latch upward and pull the handle so that you can remove the drive tray of your Synology DS220 NAS Storage device. After that remove the panels from the side of the drive tray and then insert them to secure the drivers in the tray. After that insert the tray into the drive bay by ensuring that the face of the drive is upwards. After doing this, now insert the drive tray into the empty tray and click on the lock button to secure the place of the tray and drive bay.

Now repeat the same procedure to place the second drive bay, not the drive tray as like the first one. Make sure that the drives should be placed numerically. To finish the installation you need to replace the hard drive bay at its place again and this is done.

Start the setup of the Synology NAS device

For the setup, you can use the LAN cable that you can connect to the Synology device and it will switch the device into the hub or router. Now connect the power adapter to the power port into the Synology DS220 NAS Storage device and connect one end of the AC power cord to another end of the power outlet. After that press the power button of the Synology device that can help you to turn on the device and congratulations on the successful setup.

Installation of the DSM into the Synology DS220 NAS Storage

After the hardware installation and the setup of the NAS device. Now you can install DSM into the Synology DS220 NAS Storage device by using the web browser. You can access the device with the web assistant. It comes with a built-in tool that can help you install the latest version of the device by using the secure internet connection known as DSM.

For access to the Synology DS220 NAS Storage device, you have to power on the  DS220 NAS Storage device. Now launch an internet web assistant into your computer or laptop and in the search bar type find my Synology and hit the enter button. This will access you to the login page of the Synology device and creates a stable internet connection within the local network. Now click on the start setup button to begin the setup by following on-screen instructions. In case you leave the installation process intentionally or unintentionally then you can do it again by logging into the device as an admin.

Reviews about Synology DS220 NAS Storage

It can fulfill all kinds of storage and streaming needs very well. You can buy this product with your closed eyes. As with the performance, the process is also extremely good. It can also work with your PlayStation or workstation. For the proper setup read the manual instruction carefully. So you don’t need to put extra effort into the setup. It is suitable for the local network like for small businesses or home networks.

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