Dollhouses are a creative outlet that allow us to put a bunch of miniature pieces together to create a dynamic piece of art. You can create your dream home thanks to the abundance of miniatures that exist these days, ranging in style and design. But we often think of the most obvious things, like the bed or the kitchen table. What about things like a dollhouse washer and dryer?

Here are some of the more unique components that will help complete your dollhouse!

Something that makes a dollhouse special is the imagination and creativity it brings out of us. We are creating an entirely new story with complete characters. We are depicting their lives. One way to do that is to add some miniatures that show off their hobbies, which can really make a house look lived-in and special.

An easel with two canvas paintings can show a more creative side. This can really make your dollhouse look like an artists’ whimsical and artsy dream space. Dedicate a room to a project space where they paint, draw, and express their own creativity.

If there are children in your dollhouse, adding some toys can really make it dynamic. It’s realistic for children to leave toys everywhere, including rocking horses, puzzles, jack-in-the-boxes, and blocks.

Picture Frames
If you want to make a dollhouse look like a true family home, adding decorations like picture frames can instantly make it look realistic. Picture frames with family photos and nature scapes behind it will spruce up the walls and create a more realistic decor. You can even buy empty picture frames that match the decor of your dollhouse and add your own photos and paintings within them.

Washer and Dryer
A dollhouse washer and dryer is an often overlooked component of a home but its addition will make your home more functional. Having a washer and dryer as well as other chore-related items will help tell your family’s story and make your dollhouse appear more realistic. We always remember the bed but how would they wash the sheets? We always remember a dining room table, but how will they vacuum the crumbs after a holiday meal?

Sometimes the functionality of a house is overlooked. But how do you expect a family to see without lighting? Luckily, Dollhouse City has an abundance of lighting options, from elegant chandeliers to modern floor lamps. You can make an entryway stunning with a chandelier dripping with diamonds. Or you can create a cozy study with a floor lamp hovering over the sofa, the perfect place to read.

Party Activities
We often think of our dollhouse as its own little world but can forget that the family within has their own life that’s bigger than just a house. These are people with neighbors, extended family, friends, and relationships. If they want to host a game night, they’ll need more than a dining room table and couch. Why not add a pool table, a home theater, or chess set?

Unique Seating
Some people have a very unique style that can inspire more fascinating miniatures. There are modern and vintage-inspired chairs that go beyond the usual wooden dining room chairs you see in classic dollhouses. There’s heart cone chairs, marshmallow sofas, and designer chairs inspired by famous seating by real life artists.

Display Cases
Just like us, your dollhouse family is sure to have some knicknacks. You can always go the modern route by hiding all hints of life in closets and storage. This will give your dollhouse a very clean look. But if you want it to feel more lived-in and real, consider a display case or shelving. This can make room for vases, books, figures, and travel trinkets that your family has picked up over the years and want to proudly display.

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