Top Job Options after a Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance

After completing graduation, many students aspire to join a good and well-paying job, and some think of getting government jobs too. A PGDM in banking and insurance increases an individual’s efficiency and chances of getting a well-paid job and running a business effectively. Almost all companies run for financial gain and require an expert to maintain their financial profits and expenses. Many employers want to recruit well-educated and skilled people who can handle accounts. Thus, you can move to pursue PGDM in banking and finance and give your career a proper direction.

Job options after PGDM in banking and finance

There are unlimited job options from which graduates can choose after a PG diploma in banking and finance. With a degree in hand, you can make a perfect career in professional financial jobs; some are listed below:

  1. Public accounting

With a PDGM in banking and finance, graduates can get hired in public accounting, as accounting is an extensive field comprising various financial services. It is associated with recording and maintaining money flow for public entities or private companies. Their work is to give suggestions and deliver reports to cut down on expenses, boost revenues and improve a company’s financial health. MBA or PGDM in finance is the percentage for job as aspirant has knowledge in the area.

  1. Corporate finance

With a PGDM in banking and insurance, you can work in cooperate finance, a sub-division of finance that offers funds for business activities. The work deals with funding sources, investment decisions and capital restructuring. The experts are hired in junior or senior capacities

depending upon their interests and qualifications. Your work is to manage money. Maximize returns on investment and introduce smart solutions for budgeting.

  1. Investment banking

With a PGDM in banking, graduates can work as investment bankers, which is among the most prestigious career options in finance. It is the lucrative path offering career growth and a salary package. They have to do tasks related to financial remodelling and have to work with data and numbers. Experts must have an interest and knowledge of financial markets and economic trends. Their work also involves hiring interns and prospective associates from top-tier educational institutions.

  1. Portfolio management

PG diploma in banking makes you can exert to work as a portfolio manager. Your main responsibility is to look at the liberal investment mix of clients and do not rely on individual get into this job role, it is recommended to ace training in statistics and refine your maths skills. Also, you need excellent communication and interpersonal skills to handle requests from clients and customers.

  1. Risk management

PGDM in banking and insurance make you risk management professionals who have to identify market risks and recognize poor investment outcomes. Their main responsibilities are to maximize returns and minimize risks perfectly. It is one of the most in-demand professions, and graduates are hired by many top companies like policy Bazar, SBI life insurance etc.

  1. Financial planning

Almost all companies require a financial planner to secure their current and future financial stability. PG Diploma in banking get you hired in this position and your work entails reviewing financial statements and cash flows. You also have to create methods for saving and investing as per the client’s requirements. You can get employed in finance journalism.

  • Wealth management and financial services firms
  • Non-banking financial companies
  • Self-employment
  1. Commercial banking

PGDM in banking and finance help you get jobs in commercial banking as they provide a host of services to people and business. They offer many services like savings and current accounts, debit and credit card facilities, home education and other loans. You can work as per our skills like credit analysts, banking associates, branch manager, mortgage managers etc.

Generally, PGDM in banking and finance degree holders opt for a career in finance. The advanced level finance degree helps you improve the chances of landing attractive internships and placements at the best colleges. The PGDM program offered by IPE India is designed to groom future managers who can successfully handle complex finance issues.

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