NDIS support coordination

Many people have had the wrong picture of NDIS support coordination for several years. Support coordination through the help of support coordinators helps the community members and people with disability understand what NDIS is and connect them to their services. In addition, through support coordination, the beneficiaries can also understand what the NDIS funding can be used for. For further understanding, here is more explanation as to what support coordination is and the things you might not know about the program.

You Have The Right To Ask As Many Questions As You Have

One thing that most people don’t know about support coordination is that you are allowed to ask as many questions as you want. However, you must understand the NDIS plan and the other options available to make the best decisions. Through support coordination, you get the help and guidance to choose the best plan to help manage your funds. Regardless of the type of disability you have, the support coordinator should be available to help you through everything and answer your questions in a way you would understand.

Your NDIS Plan Does Not Lock You In

Most people believe that once they get their NDIS plan, then everything is final. This is not true; once you get your plan, it’s not sealed. You are free to ask for changes or reviews. Remember, the more information you have during the review meetings, the stronger your chances of getting additional funds or a support change. Make sure you get an expert opinion from your therapist before you make any changes, and also make the work easier for the reviewer by having everything planned out.

You Can Get Support Coordination Regardless Of The Number Of Your Family Members

Whether you have a large family or a large group of friends, you can still get NDIS support coordination. However, when you request support coordination, the NDIS will consider that it might not be reasonable or possible for these individuals to support you in navigating NDIS.

There Isn’t A Limit To How Long You Can Have Support Coordination

You can have support coordination as long as needed in your NDIS plan, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. However, please note that you will have to provide as much evidence as possible each time you request support coordination. This will show the NDIS that you can benefit from their help. Some of the evidence you can use include an occupational therapist report or a letter from a GP.

Support Coordination Doesn’t Do Everything For You

The major work of support coordination is only to give you the support you need to help build your skills and confidence. That is so that you can eventually coordinate your support with the help of your informal support system or by yourself. On the other hand, you still have full control over your NDIS journey, including all the services they deliver. 

Support Coordination Doesn’t Handle Emergencies

In case of an emergency, calling your support coordinator will not get you the help you need. Instead, you should call the appropriate emergency services. The support coordinator only comes in if you are having problems with the emergency service provider, but they don’t have the jurisdiction to intervene in the event of an emergency.

Working with support coordination is beneficial on several fronts. You benefit from their knowledge and get the most out of your NDIS plan. NDIS support coordinators give you the upper hand. They know and understand how NDIS work and will help channel their services towards helping you achieve your life aspirations and needs.

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