There was a time when gold was a common sight in palaces. Tables, chairs, ornaments, artifacts, frames, and many other items were made of gold. As time passed, this changed and people shifted to wooden, metal, bamboo, and so on. The golden colour was limited to the house of richer strata of the society and became a status symbol. However, the age of that golden colour is back. 

Living area

The maximum inclusion of this shiny colour is seen in the living area. Starting with a nest of tables, golden colour can be the highlight, break in monotony or even the centre of attention in the room. The living area can be beautified with the inclusion of golden frames, sculptures, vases, golden patterns on walls, and golden fixtures on the centre table. Add splashes of gold with a matte bottle of green or black too. 


If you are a fan of elegant splashes of gold, then it is a good idea to get miniature frames to hang above your bed. If not, you can add some stunning wall art above your headboard and a splash of gold on the wall in front of the bed. Try to add gold to coasters, figurines, and frames in the bedroom. Adding too much gold in the bedroom may look tacky and anything chunky and golden should be kept out of the bedroom. If you have a dressing table and a pouf seat, then you can add some soft lights around the mirror and add some hangings around the mirror. 


You may think it is tough to add a golden touch to the kitchen but it is quite easy. Add a few things like a cruet set, tissue holder, cutlery stand, and such small things in gold and see a big difference. If you have a modular kitchen, you can think of adding golden handles or random golden panels in between the other ones to keep things interesting. You can also try adding a few. planters in the kitchen with small succulents with some gold on them. 


The easiest room to add gold to is the bathroom. Invest in some gold-plated fixtures and voila! You have a luxurious bathroom that looks like a bathroom from a home decor magazine. If you do not wish to get the gold-plated ones (they require maintenance), then think of adding elements such as the toiletries stand, tissue holder, napkin holder, and so on. The small touches can go a long way especially if you have a marble bathroom. 

It is not necessary to have a golden presence in every room but if you are going for the theme then why not go all the way? These finer details can bring your house together and bind your walls, furniture, and upholstery to each other. These can make your house look like one whole unit. Avoid using items that are completely golden in colour as they can look tacky and often out of place.

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