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Turkish TV dramas are a great way to relax at home and unwind, but how to find Turkish series online can be a little tricky. There are a few options. There are paid and free options. One option is to sign up for a subscription service like pseriale. This website is popular among Turkish viewers because it offers a simple interface and a large selection of Turkish dramas. You can also watch Turkish series on a website like Watch Turks. This website focuses on new Turkish dizi, but the cost is minimal at $5 per week for a basic plan.

Love Logic Revenge

A new romantic comedy Seriale Online in Turkey, Aşk Mantk ntikam, premiered 18 June 2021 and concluded on April 22, 2022. Based on a South Korean film, it stars Melisise Döngel, Burcu Zberk, and Lhan en. It’s a Turkish adaptation of the popular Korean movie Cunning Single Lady. The cast is diverse and the actors and actresses are well-known in the country.

The first episode of Love Logic Revenge caught viewers off guard, but once they got past the initial shock, the series was a hit with viewers. It follows two young people whose marriages fall apart. Ozan and Esra, both graduates from prestigious universities, will eventually come to understand each other. Eventually, Ozan and Esra will fall in love again, and they will become successful at their new jobs at Milenyum Soft. In the end, the two will carry out their revenge plans.


If you’ve ever watched Turkish television, you’ve probably heard of the popular drama series Intersection. It’s a drama series with lots of drama, mistakes, and broken hearts, focusing on the tragic tale of a child with no future. It’s also available on the popular subscription service Netflix. So if you’re interested in learning more about this Turkish drama series, keep reading to discover where you can find it.

While Turkish dramas have become increasingly popular in the Middle East and Latin America, western audiences have been slow to succumb to the storytelling charms of the country. But makers of Turkish dramas are optimistic that Intersection will be the first to make a name for itself worldwide. The series, known locally as Kordugum, stars Ibrahim Celikkol, Belcim Bilgin, and Alican Yucesoy.

Winter Sun

If you’re interested in watching Turkish dramas, you may be wondering where to find them. You can start by looking at Netflix. Many of these TV shows are produced in Turkey, but some are available only on Netflix. You can also watch them on other platforms like Amazon. There are also many other options for Turkish TV series, including the Turkish version of American soap operas like Scandal. These series are made in Turkey and are very similar to American dramas.

Many Turkish dramas feature a tough police chief and an inharmonious team who work together to solve mysterious crimes. Many of them have great production values and a strong sense of character development. Streaming Turkish series is a great way to learn more about the country’s culture. You’ll be amazed by the number of options available! Listed below are a few examples of popular Turkish series:

The Magnificent Century

The Magnificent Century in Turkish is a novel about the Ottoman Empire. The story follows the Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, who reigned over the empire for nearly six centuries. The book is a unique and captivating read that will capture your attention. Suleyman was the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. His wife, Hurrem Sultan, was a renowned poet and a renowned beauty.

Suleyman had a great respect for appearances, and this was no different. While he might not have approved of the “Magnificent Century” in Turkish, he would have been pleased to see certain aspects of it. A talking box was not something he would have approved of, but he would have enjoyed some aspects of the film. It’s hard to say whether he would have liked to see his reign portrayed on a talk show, but it is a fascinating look at an important period of history.

Sen Cal Kapimi

The subtitle of Sen Cal Kapimi, “Love is in the Air”, is apt for this romantic comedy series starring Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin. The Turkish television series began on 8 July 2020, and is one of the most popular romantic dramas of the year. The show is produced by MF Yapim, who have created other highly successful series on Fox TV including “Mucize Doktor.”

Eda is a beautiful, talented, and intelligent young woman. She loves flowers, brings happiness to others, and has a unique perspective on life than her best friend Serkan. Her childhood friend, EDA, is also the best friend of Serkan. Her father is the head of a huge company, and she is a hard-working, perfectionist, who refuses to lose in love. It’s a story of love, family, and ambition, and one that will leave you breathless.


If you’re looking for some good Turkish television shows with English subtitles, Natabanu is the site to go to. Although the website doesn’t have a safety certificate, it’s well known for its extensive library of Turkish television series and films. Users of Natabanu can choose between Turkish series and films with English subtitles, or request a translation. The user interface is easy to navigate and posts multiple links to each episode.

Hayat Bazen Tatlidir: This Turkish TV series follows the lives of two students as they attend school. The plot is interesting, but the students aren’t always the most pleasant characters. A good way to avoid this is to watch the episodes online and download subtitles. Alternatively, you can watch the episodes on YouTube for free. Alternatively, you can also view them on your favorite TV channel. However, there are a few issues you should be aware of before you watch the series.

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