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Many companies are beginning to discover the benefits of integrating video with marketing automation tools. As with video and email, it’s a win-win solution. Video allows you to collect all kinds of useful data that you can use in your automation platform of choice. Marketing automation tools can help you to quickly locate and reach your most addicted audiences.

HapYak, an Interactive post video platform, uses your video events to generate leads and collect useful information from your viewers – lead intelligence. By integrating video with your automation platform, your small sales team can identify the best leads and nurture them effectively.

We asked Cass Sapir, Director of Customer Success at HapYak, about the power of video marketing and the benefits of integrating interactions into a video player.

The case for Interactive post video

For companies hoping to generate leads and collect meaningful data for marketing automation, Interactive post video is an obvious choice. Viewers who are immersed in your video content are perfectly willing to write emails or answer quick, no-pressure questions that provide valuable marketing data.

If your video is longer than 90 seconds (such as an educational video in your handouts), short Interactive post elements can really encourage engagement . “It’s the same effect as having a playlist,” – says Cass – “These flashy interactions can reignite the viewer’s attention and even reward them for paying attention.” When you introduce interactions in your videos, what was once a monologue becomes a dialogue. In fact, it creates a conversation.

“Our clients have been using video for several years now and they think, ‘We need to do this better,'” Cass says.

Cass talked about an interesting trend he’s observed. “Companies often start adding Interactive post elements to existing videos after they’ve already been produced. They then move on to producing films with specific Interactive post elements.” In other words, companies are beginning to base their production decisions on when and how Interactive post events will occur.

“We didn’t invent this shift in video marketing, but we noticed it among our clients,” – Cass says.

Timing isn’t everything

By paying attention to implementing Interactive post elements in your videos, you can not only create a seamless experience for your audience, but also increase your conversion rate.

Pivot gate data

At Wistia, we analyzed posting data from our email search engine Turnstile. In summary, we found that turnstiles required for 20-30% of a video track or 60-70% of a video track have the highest conversion rates. Clearly, the timing of the event (in this case, the email picker) is important, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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