Do you enjoy playing your games on your computer? We didn’t forget about your computer games. In the past few weeks, we’ve reviewed the top games of 2022 thus far as well as the top Switch games of 2022, the top PlayStation Games of 2022 and the most popular Xbox Games of 2022 but we know that not everyone owns a console.

Alienware Aurora 2019

Alienware aurora 2019: Back in January, Alienware unveiled the Area-51m, which the company said was the world’s most powerful gaming laptop. The new laptop, the result of several years of design and technical labour, revamped the appearance as well as the inside with a new industrial design called Legend. What began with that laptop is now being completed with the Alienware Aurora R9 mid-tower desktop and peripherals such as a 55-inch OLED display.

1. Norco

As an Southerner I’m not sure I believe that anyone can discuss things that happen in the South unless they too, hail from this region or at the very least, have lived in the area long enough to fully comprehend the reasons why it’s great and awful in equal measures and the ways the South is in fact a mess are often different from how others think it’s being fucked up. NORCO is a clever narrative-driven game that explores the different ways that institutions such as business and religion have abused the South as well as its people and its land throughout the ages. It is the product of those who are aware of the region’s fundamental flaws. It’s a frank, sometimes humorous look at a slight exaggeration of Louisiana that is awash with mythological and allegorical motifs that only highlight the blatant savagery and actual destruction that characterise the modern South. If you can only play one of these games choose NORCO.

2. Neon White

Neon White is pure motion. It could appear to be an action game in the first person , and you shoot often, but it’s all for the continuous hysteria into the game’s core. When you shoot a demon , it will be to develop any kinetic abilities it grants you. This ability you’ll instantly use to jump slightly higher or move ahead a bit faster or even hurl yourself for a few hundred feet up into the air to get to the next platform. The point isn’t to shoot as such and you’re just trying to take you from point A to point B as fast as feasible, and shooting helps facilitate this. When you’re fully in Neon White’s flow, Neon White is about as thrilling as games can get and becomes an extension of the brain as you seamlessly move your string together, trying to cut milliseconds off your time. On top of that, it’s mechanical prowess, it also features an engaging story and characters that are so well-written that I’m able ignore its dependence on characters and aesthetics straight from anime

3. Citizen Sleeper

The idea about Citizen Sleeper as a sort of game played on a digital board in a dystopian sci-fi world ruled by capitalism’s end-of-the-line and the utter dehumanisation that comes with. It’s a board game that is about death and work, and the only humour is the connections that we have with our fellow citizens–yes there are friends we have made throughout the course of our journey but not as simple or straightforward as it sounds. It asks what it is to be a human being in an environment that essentially subordinates individuality to wealth and corporations and wealth, and it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that the answers that it comes up with don’t always seem the most hopeful or positive.

4. Elden Ring

You could be mistaken for thinking that Elden Ring was the only game released this year. For the duration of three months, it was the only thing that people spoke about or wrote about, as well as played. From Software blew its signature RPG formula into one of the biggest open world games available in memory and makes it much more accessible than the earlier Souls games, yet extremely mysterious and disturbing. Its vast, eerie world clearly has a lot of influence from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but it has the brutality and subtle style of storytelling that you would be used to from the typical Souls game. It’s probably too large, and turns into an arduous grind at the end of the game However, Elden Ring remains an almost impossible feat. I’ve poured more than 170 hours into it, and am still forced to go into the game to search for any caves, ashes or holes that I may have missed. Elden Ring has a way of creating camp in your head and refusing to leave that very few games are able to compete with.

5. Tunic

What’s the most respectful? Andrew Shouldice’s Tunic. That’s what. This one-man jam does not take its time with its challenges, but it is confident that the participants will be able to work the best way to tackle every challenging challenge presented. The game also has a strong and unabashed admiration for the ’80s Nintendo games, especially that of the first Legend of Zelda


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