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I think from this point forward you should be very explicit in the form of tea you mean, of course you were referring to Black, Green, Oolong, Red, or White Tea, but that should always be mentioned due to the major misconception (to nobodies fault) that the Tea mentioned is of the same plant, coming from Camellia sinensis, this shrub produces the leave and dependent on the preparation of the leaf, is where one obtains the various “teas or Tea” as mentioned above.

Furthermore in life Buy Organic Essential Oils Online. sometimes when one says, writes, or depicts tea, that one is mentioning a broad spectrum of tea in general, which some think consists of any orally acceptable decoction of the various thousands of plants which are beneficial to humans/animals/plants, ie. a cup of tea, one usually thinks of black or Oolong or green but it could refer as mentioned in the last sentence any of the thousands of herbs, like an herbal tea.

For example; Refering to the book 20,000 secrets of tea,

Cranberry; a berry tea for vitamin C, b- complex, iron, and calcium-the antistress nutrients. It also cleanses the urinary tact, bladder, and kidneys.

Dandelion, A root or leaf ea for toning your liver and removing toxins. It’s a natural diuretic with potassium to maintain electrolyte balance.

Astragulus, A root tea with amino acids to restore your immunity, and maintain strong defenses. It also can be used to enhance other tea. Astragulus is also a type of aphrodisiac but of course should not be manipulated for unjust causes, like wasting oneself away for the pursuit of pleasure.

These threes “teas” or herbal decoctions were depicted maybe to help coincide with your seeking some of the essentials that vegetarians are requiring.

So as you can see many variables play into the “tea” inclination and a nomenclature acceptability of a herbs terms of use, and one should always be specific to the type of tea, be it generic, or specific or even vice versa (depends how one is looking, reading, undestanding it). And the more people that understand this, Healing Crystal Pendants Online Store

we will be better off and much stronger as a community of health conscious individuals being able to educate ourselves on the systematic constituents and/or (basically) the uses of different types of tea, whether it be the specific nomenclated “Tea” of the Theaceae Family known as Camellia Sinesis (Latin) KUNTZE or for various other decoctions known as tea in which we drink for ailments and remedies and known as beverages as well.

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