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Standing out as a practice is hard enough as it is. With that being said, now that the world is under a lot of stress because of the pandemic, this has become even harder. In order to truly get the most exposure as a practice, you need to use all of the tools at your disposal. In such a time, the role of software can be huge to help you stand out.

So, what kind of technology can be used? When you read through Compulink EHR reviews, an amazing contender is brought into view. So, how can you utilize this kind of software? What are the features that it offers? What does the Compulink EHR Cost? Well, to answer all of these questions, read through this article and learn about the software!

What Is An EHR?

An EHR is a term for medical software. It was initially conceptualized as an alternative to the traditional patient record. Hence, the name electronic health record (often shortened to EHR). It is true that EHR is indeed an upheaval to the traditional patient file, but modern EHR offers much more. There are a lot of features that can assist the running of a practice.

About Compulink EHR

Compulink is software that was created with the role of practices in mind. It has a long experience of offering solutions to practices. The software is dedicated to improving the efficiency with which work is carried out. The tools can also be used to automate and speed up everyday tasks for practices. It includes a number of features that make it very beneficial.

The idea behind Compulink is that the software should do its job, but it should also be easy to use. It comes with an integrated set of tools, that cover patient care. You can even use the software to handle tasks related to practice management and administration. Another amazing aspect is documentation as can be seen by Compulink EHR reviews.

The Compulink EHR pricing plans are not publicly available. However, they offer a month-based subscription model. You can get more information on pricing by reaching out to the vendor. They can prepare a customized quote that is reflective of the needs of your practice. This will help you keep in mind any additional costs.

Features Loved By Compulink EHR Reviews

Now that you know what Compulink is, the next thing to consider is its features. Of course, you want to know all about the software and what it has to offer to practices. Well, instead of just listing out everything, we’ve narrowed down three features. These are highly enjoyed by Compulink EHR reviews and are sure to be useful for any practice.

Schedule Patient Visits With Ease

One of the main aspects of the work you carry out is the entire process of the patient visit. But, before a patient can show up to your practice, you have to make sure they schedule their visit. Traditionally, patient visits are scheduled through calls and using paper ledgers. This can be an incredibly long and tedious task that leaves you with a lot of confusion.

With Compulink, you can actually schedule visits in an easy way. You get access to a calendar, where physicians can add in all of their empty slots. Scheduling a visit is just about finding the right slot. The software updates so the physician knows where to find it with ease. You can also use Compulink to send out reminders for the visit before the day comes by.

Communicate Using A Patient Portal

Another aspect to consider as you provide care to patients is accessibility. You want to be accessible enough to patients through certain mediums. Not only does this help improve bonds with healthcare providers, but it also improves engagement. And, as we know, highly engaged patients are more likely to have better outcomes and come back for visits.

So, the next feature we want to talk about is the patient portal. If you’ve scanned the Compulink EHR reviews, you’ll know this one is a big hit. The platform is easy to use and completely secure. It abides by all the HIPAA regulations. It also helps patients view their health data and can even be used to schedule visits!

Prescribe Medications Online

Prescribing medication used to happen in the doctor’s room, on a traditional prescription pad. While this method has its own benefits, it can also make things difficult. For one, there was the issue of unreadable handwriting. There is also the issue that the patient then has to go to the pharmacy and get the prescription checked out to get their medicine.

Instead, with Compulink, you can carry all of this out in a far more effective way. You can use inline prescriptions, which leave less room for error. There is no chance that the handwriting may be misinterpreted or hard to understand. Also, the pharmacy can be added to the software. Prescriptions are sent there directly to save your patient the trouble.

Should I Trust What I See In Compulink EHR Reviews?

If you are interested in what you have read so far about Compulink, what’s the next step? We recommend that you check out and read Compulink EHR reviews. These will help you see what the benefits of the software are. Reviews can be trusted mostly because they come from real businesses and reflect their individual experiences with any software.

If you want to learn more about the software, you can also reach out to the vendor and ask for more information. One of the things that you can request is the demo. Another thing to ask about is the Compulink EHR pricing. This will help you see how the software fares in regards to all of the features and with your practice budget in mind.

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