Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router

The Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router is the next-generation router that supports the access point mode, wireless old or traditional routers, and range extenders with multi modes. The Edimax router is compiled of 11ac/a/b/g/n standard wifi standards. With its commercial-grade wireless network which is specially made for the whole family so every person can experience seamless connection without a single interruption in the network connection. Moreover, it has an ultimate feature which is a multi-language user interface where a user changes the language of the device as per its convenience. 

With the smart Edimax router Ax3000 setup and installation does not require any installation with CD. You can set up the router by using the web-based interface which is quite simple and easy. Hence it supports the WPA button function and wireless on or switch button. Moreover, you get smart guest network access, IQOS for intellectual bandwidth management, WISP connection, and five Gigabit Ethernet ports.

LED status of the Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router & its description.

If you are also considering the LED status of the router and want to know the description Of the Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router then you are on the right page. The Inconsistency in the LED has an inconsistent description. Let;’s discuss this below.

The 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz function LED status 

The LED status of the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz function always seems to be blue in color. If the status is on then it simply means the interconnection is ready to get into work. If the status shows the Blue LED is off then it means the wifi connection is not currently active. If the blue LED is continuously flashing the device is actively sending or receiving the data connection.

The WPS function LED Status

If the WPS led status is blinking blue LED then it means that the WPS connection with the device is established. If the WPS button continuously blinks for more than two minutes then it indicates a successful and stable internet connection with the WPS button.

The LAN function LED Status of Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router

The LAN always blinks blue LEDs whether it’s connected to the internet or not. If the blue LED is on the LAN port then it is connected to the internet. If it does not blink any LED then it means it is not connected to the LAN port and has the same function as the WAN port.

The power function LED status

If the power LED status is blinking red LED which means the firmware is upgrading the device starts resetting. If the wifi router’s green LED is on then it simply indicates that the router mode is powered on. If the device has a blue LED it means the access point mode is on or powered on.

Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router Easy and Accessible Setup 

The quick installation and the setup of the Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router will also help you to set up with the AP mode or old router. You can also make the basic settings of the wireless router. Before jumping to the setup of the device. First, find the default user name and the default wifi password of the router you can note from the sticker on the label of the device.

The default user name is the admin and the password is of the eight unique digits. The web browser of the Edimax wifi router is edimaxext.setup. Try this to complete the setup of the wifi router.

Move to the next step

Now open an internet browser on your client device and type the default Internet Protocol address By using the IP address you are redirected to the log-in page of the Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router device. Where you have to enter your default username and eight-digit unique password. Hence click on the sign-in button. If you are accessing the web page of the Edimax wifi router for the first time then kindly reset your 2.4G SSID/ or 5G SSID network name and the default passcode.

After that wait for at least one minute. The device starts rebooting. Do not turn off your client device or make any kind of activity that can interrupt the rebooting activity of the device. Hence you have successfully configured the Edimax wifi router.

Final words 

The Edimax Ax3000 WiFi Router can work as an access point mode, range extender, and router also. It helps the users to build a secure connection for the safety of the internet signal range. The configuration does not have complexity, refer to the manual and perform the setup hassle-free. 

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