solar drone

Before one installs a solar panel it is always a good idea to consider all the valuable benefits that one can get by using the drone technology. 

Solar drone inspection can be quite useful here. One can use drones during the process of installing, inspecting and then even maintaining a solar installation. They are fast, safe and definitely easy to deploy. Also, the drone technology is quite cost effective and versatile. With the help of this drone technology, one can take the surveys in photogrammetric scanning or through LiDAR. This can provide with some useful information to the people who are maintaining the system and the project.

Here are some benefits that one can get if they use drone surveys in a solar installation:

  • Before the solar installation happens one can use the drone in order to survey the whole area. This survey will indicate that which parts of the whole area will be getting sun light most often and this can help one to know how efficient a solar installation will be in that area. If one is using photogrammetric imaging, then the drone will be taking plenty of photos by flying above the area and then derive a 3D data from it. If they use the LiDAR image then the drone can use a laser to create some accurate 3D plots which can be used for simulations. Once the survey is complete, these 3D simulations can also be made. It can show the impact of the solar panels in the surrounding environment and this can together provide a very clear picture of the real impact of the solar installation. It is always a good idea to use a drone than using manned vehicles like helicopters or planes to make the survey. Drone surveys are safe because they are unnamed and they complete their surveys much faster.
  • The 3D survey that the drone makes of an area is not only for the purpose to know how efficient the installation can be. They are also used to know how to avoid various kinds of damage that can happen in the surrounding environment due to some simulating issues such as soil erosion. The 3D simulation can be very precise here so that they can easily predict the potential environmental issues. Drone surveys are quite useful because there are various companies which offer end to end management when it comes to analysing and collecting data immediately post drone deployment.
  • Drone surveys can also be done once the solar panels are being installed. This can help one to identify if there are any potential issues or not. The best solar drone for inspection will always identify the potential problems and one can locate that and rectify it immediately. If the panels are being inspected at a regular interval, then there will be no long term damage or serious issues.

Video feedbacks are taken with ease when it comes to drone surveys and it can encourage regular maintenance. The larger the installation, the more important the survey is.

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