mobile concrete mixer machine

The volumetric concrete mixer is similar to a concrete production plant on wheels. On-site, the volumetric mixer combines concrete’s ingredients (water, cement, and aggregate) rather than creating the concrete ahead of time and transporting it by truck. Volumetric concrete mixers are preferred by companies because they pour only the concrete needed for the job. It can save time and money as it avoids waste.

With a volumetric mixer available on site, it is easy to get fresh concrete anytime. Using a volumetric mixer ensures that the mix is done on-site. This provides an accurate amount of concrete. Furthermore, a Volumetric mixer eliminates waste. Mixers can prevent over-ordering. Having separate storage containers allows extra materials to be saved and mixed later in a later stage. In addition to helping, you manage short loads and longer travel times, volumetric mixers can also improve quality control.

Let us now look at the advantages of a Reimer volumetric mixer over ready-mixed concrete.

Comparison Between Volumetric Concrete and Ready Mixed Concrete


Volumetric: The largest capacity a volumetric mixer can handle is up to 10 m3, but because it is mixed on-site, this reduces the weight of the vehicle, allowing it to travel in more confined areas but also giving you the option of having extra concrete when needed.

Ready mix: A typical drum mixer carries about half the amount of concrete that a volumetric mixer can produce. This limits the ability to complete any job where more concrete may be needed on site.


Volumetric: With a volumetric mixer, we can mix all the necessary concrete only on-site. This results in no mess and no fuss, leaving the road or lot free of concrete waste when the job is done.

Ready mix: With drum-mixed concrete, there is always a chance for additional waste. Since the concrete itself is batched at the plant, any concrete not used on site, even a full bucket, will have to be disposed of. This can lead to a lot of expensive waste.


Volumetric: One of the great features of a volumetric blender is the ability to blend with flexibility. Your mix can be changed to easily adapt to weather conditions, and it can also supply different strength mixes from the same delivery. You need foundations and slabs in one pour. No problem!

Ready mix: One of the main disadvantages of using drum concrete is its lack of flexibility. You can only order one quantity of concrete at a time without the possibility of changing the consistency or strength. This is a massive disadvantage when it comes to solving problems in the workplace.


Volumetric: As our concrete is all mixed on-site using our fleet of volumetric mixers, you have no time frame for the concrete to set or be poured. The delivery system is also incredibly fast with an unloading speed of 1 m3 per minute.

Ready mix: The only downside to using drum-mixed concrete when it comes to time is that if there are any problems, you will only be given a limited amount of time from the batching point to the delivery point. This can be a problem on some job sites.


Volumetric: The large truck capacity and ability to scale the mix-up even further make volumetric concrete an ideal solution for larger projects.

Ready mix: Since the mixers are small and the mixing requirement is fixed, ready mix concrete is better suited for smaller projects.

You can contact a concrete mixer company according to your needs.


Volumetric: The significant thing noticed by the customers since switching to precast concrete is that over-ordering is a thing of the past. It can deliver the exact amount of concrete needed for the job with the ability to mix on-site with the mobile concrete mixer machine.

This saves customers money on both over- and under-ordering, which can add additional delivery costs.

Ready mix: After placing an order with a drum mixer company, this amount of concrete is mixed at the depot and transported to the site.

Any excess concrete will result in additional disposal costs and additional waste. If the ordered amount is higher, it can cost extra delivery charges and potentially delay the work.

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