When you consider how many videos are uploaded to TikTok every day, the day out, it’s impossible to make it big on TikTok simply by posting. You need a solid strategy to bring more attention to your TikTok videos when they’re life. This guide will cover the basics of getting more people to view your blog posts so you can explode on TikTok.

 Let’s get started.

 What is a “view” on TikTok?

In digital marketing, The word “view” could have different meanings. For instance, on Instagram, videos must run for at minimum 3 seconds before it’s counted as a single view. On YouTube, it is required that users deliberately press play for a video that’s considered “spam-free,” according to the algorithms. On TikTok, However, things are a lot simpler. Views on TikTok are recorded when the video has been played. Also, they are recorded when the video plays auto plays or is open with the same person.

What is the reason you should track your TikTok view count is crucial?

 The views you get on TikTok are a fantastic indicator that your strategy for content is booming. This is essential if you need to know how you can make your TikToks noticed. You must know what content elements can draw the viewer’s attention, as in any other marketing strategy that uses content. This will allow you to build your approach based on what is effective and produce high-quality videos that TikTok users love. In the same way, you can reassess videos that don’t get enough views. This can prevent you from investing time and money in strategies that aren’t working if you’re willing to test different strategies and see if your numbers increase. In the end, much more transpires in TikTok marketing once you publish important content. It’s an essential requirement if you’re looking to be an influential TikTok influencer.

 How do you increase the number of impressions on TikTok after you have posted For those interested, I’ll give you five easy ways to get more views on TikTok.

 Engage TikTok trending videos

You can increase exposure for your company through TikTok by posting comments on the most popular videos. The most important thing is to search for well-known, relevant, and relevant videos with your ideal viewers. You can search for them by typing a hashtag specific to your niche within the built-in search feature. In just a few moments, TikTok will show you the most popular videos and allow you to begin engaging your viewers.

 A few ideas include:

  1. Positive feedback for posts from other TikTok creators
  2. Sharing more value through sharing knowledge
  3. Answering TikTok questions

 Re-upload the video using more hashtags

Adding hashtags following the fact on certain websites is possible in your comments. However, this cannot be said of TikTok. If you’ve forgotten to include searchable hashtags in the caption of your video, then the only solution is to upload it again. To begin, visit the video you want to upload, click the ‘More’ option and then click “Save” to save the video.’Next, you’ll need to upload the video to TikTok as you would normally. Make sure to include the hashtags you’d like to apply this time. The great thing is that TikTok offers an array of hashtag suggestions. All you need to do is hit “Hashtags,” type in your first hashtag and then look through this list.

 3. Re-upload your blog at the right moment

Sometimes, the performance issues of your TikTok video can be due to bad timing. It is easy to rectify this issue by re-uploading your post using the built-in scheduling tool of TikTok. Begin by downloading the video onto your computer. After that, log into your company TikTok account via your internet browser. Then, select “Upload Video.’ Upload your video in the same way as you normally do and add the required information, including your hashtags and caption. If you upload your video, hit the “Schedule Video” toggle at the bottom, and then set the time, you want to post.

 Here are a few posting times other marketers utilize TikTok:

Mondays: 6 AM-10 PM

Tuesdays: 2 AM-4 AM

Wednesdays: 7 AM-8 AM

Thursdays: 12 PM-7 PM

Fridays: 1 PM-3 PM


 Make use of TikTok’s “Promote” feature. TikTok “Promote” feature.

TikTok allows creators to promote their content to a targeted target audience. First, you’ll need to buy “coins” to finance your campaign. Click the ‘More’ icon to promote the video and select ‘Promote.’ through the configuration process, from setting your promotional goal to defining the duration of your campaign. You can also design an audience specifically for your campaign with TikTok’s targeting tool. When you launch the campaign you created, your video will now be shown as an ad for others TikTok users. They’ll appear similar to natural TikTok posts. The only difference is that there will be a “sponsored” tag at the bottom of the page and any CTA you’ve made.


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