Reasons to Join the Merchant Navy
The Merchant Navy refers a fleet of ships, tankers, carriers, and cruise ships that engage in commercial activities involving the transportation of passengers and trading goods via ocean routes. Also known as the Merchant Marine, they play a vital role in the global shipping sector and also provide a noticeable contribution to a nation’s economical development. These ships and carriers are strictly for commercial purposes only. People working aboard these commercial ships are termed seamen, sailors or seafarers. This industry often doesn’t receive enough recognition for its contribution to the global economy. The merchant navy’s services are not limited to trading alone; they have their hands in tourism as well, as many of their cruise ships help in the transportation of people from place to place. Despite its poor recognition for its many contributions, the merchant navy’s impacts reach far and wide. Their impacts range from the food we consume to all of our everyday commodities. Now that we have an idea about what the Merchant Navy is, let us see the various characteristics of a typical sailor’s job and a few important reasons as to why it is a good idea to join Merchant Navy. Life at Sea: The Earth’s surface is 71% covered by water and 96.5 % of all water is held by oceans. This makes the ocean a large body or medium to travel over let alone conduct long trading routes. A significant amount of time and manpower goes into the marine sector to establish various businesses and industries, such as the merchant navy. This commercial marine industry hires professionals that can stay at sea for long periods. Many of the merchant naval officers have very little on-shore time as some of the ships operate all year round. The general public shies away from applying to jobs in the merchant navy due to the amount of dedication it requires. Their responsibilities might range anywhere from maintenance and management to engineering and engine control and so on. The ship’s onboard facilities are made sure to be in top condition and are quite comfortable for all professionals working on the ship. The working conditions are in close quarters, so an aspiring merchant naval candidate must learn to work as a team. It takes a complete unit of professionals to maintain and run a single ship, let alone a fleet of ships from the same company. The merchant navy is a large industry worldwide and landing a job here might sound daunting because of its requirements but it is not without its benefits. Now, let us take a look at reasons to join Merchant Navy.

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 Top Reasons to Join the Merchant Navy: From what we’ve read earlier, it is clear that a lot of money goes into the merchant marine industry. Although its impacts may go overlooked, it is one of the most efficient industries in any nation’s economy and most nations rely on their commercial marine industries to generate revenue and manage the trade. Landing a job in this industry could help sustain a person’s career as the jobs in this sector are quite lucrative for the right posts. Let us take a look at some of the reasons to apply for a merchant navy job:
  • High Paying Jobs:
There are not many sectors that offer such lucrative pay packages to fresh employees, as the merchant marine. The salaries start around US$1600 and can go up to US$3200 per month; this is excluding the stipend they receive during the training period.
  • Tax Exemption:
When a typical merchant navy employee stays aboard a vessel for 6 months or more for a financial year, he or she is exempted from taxes. But to be exempted from taxes, they have to spend a minimum of 6 months aboard the vessel and meet the job requirements. Tax laws vary from country to country, so it is better to read up on your respective country’s tax laws.
  • Exploring New Places:
Due to the large amount of time that they spend at sea, the crew gets to experience a wide range of trips to various exotic places. Although the work aboard the ship takes up half the time, the crew is still free to visit a new country as long as the ship is in port.
  • Extensive Exposure:
The ocean is a unique place that comes with its challenges. Floating around in a vast medium of water brings its own strange situations. Every single marine professional receives extensive training to deal with the challenges they might face out in the sea. These kinds of working conditions are unique to the merchant navy department and bring about a completely different kind of exposure.
  • Qualification:
One of the benefits of working in the merchant navy is that it has jobs that don’t require a college degree qualification to land a job. This proves useful to people who are unable to afford college education. The higher-paying jobs do require higher qualifications. Jobs such as marine engineer, navigation engineer, or maritime lawyer require a college-level qualification but with extensive pay packages. The merchant navy career is a different lifestyle by itself. People who opt for a life at sea must possess a unique level of enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. Although there are a lot of perks, working at sea is not a simple matter. The merchant navy is a huge market and will probably remain so for many years to come. Applying for a job in this sector will bring about significant change to one’s career and life.

By Russell Crowe

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