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A product has to pass certain stages from the warehouse to the retail stores. It has to be shipped from the manufacturer to the shopping centers. There are many risks during the process of shipping. Coffee packaging has to possess certain safety features to ensure the safety of drip coffee bags. Following is a detailed guide to let you know about the packing of drip coffee bags.

What is Drip Coffee Bags?

Do you know about drip coffee bags? They are compact and portable, which has widespread appeal for people. They help the brands grow their customer base and help to offer flexibility. People can consume these drip bags at home or on the go. They can also be used by sellers for distributing new varieties and blends of coffee. They were first invented in Japan in 1990. They are small pouches of ground coffee. They are held in folded paper stands and can be suspended over cups. Each drip coffee bag is small and flat before it’s filled with coffee. These bags come with soft and robust filters that can have the ability to withstand bumps and jolts during shipping. They are packaged inside coffee boxes and displayed in the retail stores for customers.

What Kind of Packing is Needed for Shipping?

There are many risks during shipping, and they can affect the quality of different edible products. For preventing the products from different losses, these products are packaged inside the boxes. All the packaging boxes should fulfill the following requirements.

Sturdier and more durable box We know that bumps and jolts can affect the product. It is crucial to keep the products safe from different losses during shipping. In the case of drip coffee bags, the packaging should be sturdier. It should be made of durable materials. They should be able to withstand bumps and jolts. They should also be resistant to tearing. They should come with specialized safety features to prevent damages due to bumping. These boxes should come with custom inserts and placeholders. They will hold coffee bags securely and prevent them from moving out of the box. They should help to keep the coffee bags safe during shipping from all kinds of pressures.

  • Waterproof lamination

Water and moisture aren’t good for coffee grains and powder. They may affect the quality of coffee, and consumers won’t like it. Therefore, all the brands have to take care of the quality of coffee to please their customers. They need waterproof boxes to prevent the absorption of water and moisture. Moisture shouldn’t reach coffee powder at any cost because it can influence the quality. For this purpose, the boxes should be laminated. Their lamination should help to keep the water and moisture away. This lamination will help to keep coffee powder safe. The Custom Coffee Packaging will also be intact and beautiful.

  • Ability to keep the flavor in

Packaging of drip coffee bags has to possess abilities to keep fresh roasted flavors within the packaging. In other words, packaging should be made of materials that won’t allow the permeation of these molecules through the box. For this purpose, you should either use metallic cans or laminated boxes. The films used for lamination are made up of several layers of material. They may have some sort of plastic with a thin metal layer. They can have many advantages, but their drawbacks include their non-recyclability. On the other hand, you can’t rely on paper bags because they don’t have the ability to keep flavors in.

  • Avoid exposure to oxygen

You can understand that air contains 16% oxygen, and this oxygen can affect the products. You can say that oxygen is an enemy of many products because it may deteriorate their quality. It is the main participant in oxidation reactions. Coffee contains some fate that may go stale due to exposure to oxygen. Many other flavor molecules in coffee may react with oxygen and lose their quality and original taste. In this way, exposure to oxygen or, in other words, to air may spoil the quality of coffee. Hence, you have to get Coffee Box Packagingwhich doesn’t allow the entry of oxygen inside. It should be airtight packaging

We have described different types of requirements for drip coffee bag packing. We have come to know that the coffee packaging should be made of sturdier and durable materials. It should also possess waterproof lamination to prevent damages due to exposure to water. Airtight packaging is needed for keeping the damages due to oxygen away.

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