Address verification is the procedure that helps ensure that the address given by the candidate is not fake. Apart from assuring us of the candidate’s citizenship, it also helps avoid fraud and identity theft. Additionally, it also shows that possible future employees are not residing in areas associated with illegal activities. However, simply taking down the address and searching for it on Google isn’t enough. The kind of address verification India needs has to be thorough enough to ensure that no one can fake and pass through.

The Process Followed for Address Verification in India

Conventionally, the best practice for address verification involves an actual physical visit to the given address to verify the details. However, with the advancement of technology, you no longer have to go physically from door to door verifying addresses.

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Address verification has gone digital using modern technology such as image recognition, GEO-tagging coordinates, and live-ness detection. One does not need to move an inch from where they are to get all the details required and ensure that companies are hiring suitable candidates. Digital address verification is also good at revealing any aliases used by candidates to hide negative details.

Furthermore, we highly recommend the verification of both permanent and present addresses. It is also a good idea to verify all the addresses of each candidate for a period of at least four to five years. Doing this will reveal any criminal acts or identity thefts committed by the candidates earlier.

People usually tend to change their address and get a new identity in a bid to hide misdeeds that put them on the police’s radar. Such individuals with criminal backgrounds will get a free pass if a company fails to include address verification in their screening process.

Benefits of Digital Address Verification as a New-Age Practice

As we mentioned earlier, like a lot of other aspects of business and daily life, address verification has also become digital. Companies are readily accepting the digital mode because it comes with several advantages, some of which include:

  1. A Fast and Efficient System of Screening

The best part of a digital system is that it is fast and efficient without inevitable human errors that hamper physical screen processes. Regardless of how hard one tries, physically verifying a candidate’s current address and past ones leave a lot of room for error, and it takes too long. As such, missing a single letter or alphabet can deem all of the verifier’s attempts null and void. 

  1. Detailed Capture Through Geo-Coordinates

Geo-coordinates offer a bird’s eye view of each locality, corner, and street in urban and rural areas. They can give employees an idea about the area and the region the candidate resides in. The triangulation of multiple data points ensures that there is no scope of error.

  1. Going Paperless and Eco-Friendly

Modern businesses are steadily moving towards sustainable practices to give back to the environment as adequately as possible. Going digital with the background verification goes perfectly well with an eco-friendly philosophy. It minimizes the amount of paperwork usually involved in such verifications.

  1. Data Security Compliance for Assured Safety

The lack of an actual paper trail should not give the impression that digital address verification can affect data security. Companies need the tools that prioritize maintaining data security standards, leaving no scope for data theft. 

Who Should Ideally Opt for Address Verification?

Regardless of the candidates’ management level or skillsets, every company must incorporate address verification in its hiring process. 

With that being said, the significance of address verification is more than ever in some cases. Home healthcare services, delivery staff of logistics companies, marketing and sales, eCommerce companies, and cash management need address verification mandatorily. It not only aids in establishing and confirming the candidate’s identity but also helps trace miscreants if any untoward incident happens.

How many times has one heard of delivery staff escaping with high-value parcels or robbing a cash van? Thus, it is necessary for corporates to know who they are employing and whether the person has a clean record. Moreover, it acts as a safety net protecting employers from legal hassles if an employee gets involved in criminal activities.

In Conclusion

Companies can avoid various issues in the future simply by diligently performing background verification. And by their side, performing prior screening has become easier than ever. 

So, are you in the process of making a number of new hires across departments, and would you like to be absolutely certain about your potential employees’ backgrounds? If the answer is yes, get in touch with third part agencies for background screening before hiring the right candidate for the job. Visit Hireflex



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