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Women empowerment is one of the most discussed topics in the recent past, and this has been proved that women are no longer behind men. Starting from handling higher positions in a company to handling the family well, women have come way ahead in proving themselves.

While we are going through a tough time in this pandemic, both mentally and financially, no one wants to sit free as soon as it ends or while it’s in the process. Similarly, women have also come forward to assist the family financially by starting a new small or medium business. Hence, in this article, we will talk about the business ideas that women can opt for to start their businesses.

Starting A Bakery Store

This is one of the simplest and most interesting businesses that women will look for. As we know, women love cooking, and a few have a great art of baking. This art can be used to start a business by making and selling bakery items like bread, cakes, etc. This is a high-profit yielding business, as the initial investment is very low compared to other businesses. And this is not compulsory to rent a specific room to start the business, as this business can be done at home by taking orders online. Hence, this is one of the coolest and easiest things to do as a beginner in business.

Creating And Selling Online Courses

This is another low investment business idea that can motivate women to start their businesses. If you are good at any academic field, such as computer science, then they can make an online course on coding and sell it to people by sitting at home. This business does not require any financial investment, but an educational investment that will help you gain a huge profit in a short period.

Start A Fashion Boutique

If you are well aware of fashion and beauty, then there is no other better option than starting a fashion boutique. This business may require a big amount to invest initially for buying equipment, but the profit margin is also high. In case you are unable to arrange the amount, then you can also apply business loan for women msme loan to get some assistance in finance. These loans by the government are designed to offer wings to your dreams, so why wait for more? Start the boutique to showcase your talent to the world.

Be An Social Media Influencer

Social media has now turned to be a part of our life, but do you know, you can monetize your social media accounts? Nowadays, becoming a social media influencer is in trend by showcasing the talent in you. To become an influencer, you need to know the social media algorithms first, which you can learn from any good course available online.

This business has a great scope in the future as influencers help in connecting brands to the consumer, which can get them a very good earning.

Sell Handcrafted Or DIY Goods

People are more obsessed with buying and storing handcrafted or DIY goods, like soaps, candles, pottery, etc. So, if you have a good hand at making these things at home, then you can start it easily by buying the necessities. This may require a little investment which can be assisted by applying for a msme loan, for which msme registration is required. So, join this highly profitable business in 2021, and start a new beginning with ease.

Interior Decoration Consultation

Not everyone is equipped with a view of an interior designer. So, if you have that view and a degree, then start giving interior decor ideas to the clients at a better budget than others to get more clients initially. Moreover, you can also start offering online consultation on the same, which will enhance the idea of business in this field.

Event Planner

No one can plan a party better than women, and this has been proven millions of times. If you think you have got that management skill in you, then jump into the field of managing small events for others like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Don’t be worried about profit, this business has a better profit margin compared to the investment it requires.


These were some of the coolest ideas that make the business interesting and can be easily started. All the businesses mentioned above can get you better profit with low investment costs, and hence, starting a new business for women is no longer difficult.

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