‍Newborns who are fed breast milk are healthier than babies who are formula-fed. Newborns who are exclusively breastfed have protective immunity against hospital germs, they have higher rates of being able to be weaned and they tend to be less likely to develop problematic eating patterns or conditions later in life.

Breastfeeding may take some practice, but it has numerous benefits for the baby and the mother. If you’re a new parent, you are probably wondering what kind of support is available for new parents as well as questions about what you need to do as a parent in order to breastfeed your baby. You might also be wondering where you should look for help with breastfeeding or how many positions there are for newborn breastfeeding. These questions will be answered in this article, so read on and be guided.

What is a good position to nurse a newborn?

Newborns should be placed on their stomachs to nurse. This is because babies receive the most milk from their stomachs. If you place your baby on her back or side, the milk will go into her tummy and may be less likely to make it to her mouth. You can also encourage your baby to breastfeed by patting her back and rubbing her tummy if she is comfortable with you doing this.

How to Teach a Baby to Breastgive

Newborns tend to be very nervous about drinking from their mother’s breasts. This is normal and should go away as your baby gets older. You can help your baby get used to breastfeeding by applying pressure to her lips, swirling your breasts to make milk swirl in front of your baby’s eyes, and gently shaking your breast to make milk swirl around inside your breast. Try to breastfeed your baby at least once every two hours.

Should I Use a Pump While Breastfeeding?

Many mothers choose to pump and use formula while their babies are breastfed. While this is an excellent idea for those who are working outside of the home, it is not the best idea for those who are staying home. Breastfeeding mothers are not able to produce the same volume of milk as they do when they are not breastfeeding.

If you choose to pump, use a breast pump and store the milk in a bottle. Pumping uses up breast milk so you don’t get the same volume of milk from your breasts as when you are breastfeeding. That means you need to pump and store the milk in bottles. If you don’t pump and store the milk in bottles, your breast milk supply will decrease and you may be more likely to experience low milk supply and engorged breasts. You may also be less likely to be able to feed your baby if you need to take time off from work.

How Many Positions Are There for Newborn Breastfeeding?

There are many different positions for breastfeeding you can use while lactating your newborn. The most common breastfeeding positions are the lying down and sitting up positions. There are also supine, side, and upright positions that you can try. The lying down breastfeeding position is the easiest to nurse a newborn in and is also the most comfortable position for the baby. The sitting-up position allows the baby to latch on while he is lying down and also gives him access to his breast while sitting up. The supine position allows the baby to lie down while still breastfeeding and the side positions allow the baby to lie down while still breastfeeding.

Which Positions Are Best for Newborns?

The lying down position is best for newborns who are less than four or five pounds. The lying down position allows the baby to have easy access to the nipple while feeding. This allows the baby to swallow milk easily and get the most out of each feeding. The best way to get into the lying down position is by lying on your back with your baby lying on your chest. Leave your baby’s head and hips slightly off the bed so he doesn’t fall off the bed when he tries to nurse.


There are many positions for new parents to try while breastfeeding their newborn. The most common is the lying down and sitting up positions. These give your baby easy access to the breast while still allowing him to lie down. Newborns shouldn’t be placed face-down while they are breastfeeding as this could cause them to choke on their tongues. Newborns should also not be placed on their stomachs while they are nursing. These are the most common positions and help new moms to get the best results with breastfeeding.

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