5 Essential Spices That You Need For Indian Food Cooking

One of the cuisines that are famous for its rich flavors is Indian Cuisine. There are so many different Indian spices that suit every taste bud. Indian spices are famous for their rich flavors and color, but you can’t forget about the health benefits that they can offer you.

For some of us who don’t know what makes Indian food so unique are the different ingredients that it is made with! If you are thinking about getting started with your Indian food journey, you should know all the essential ingredients immediately!

Keep reading this blog to know more about the essential spices of Indian food.

1. Cumin Seeds

One of the most used spices in Indian Food is Cumin seeds, a staple of Indian food. These seeds are brown and offer intense flavor. You can enjoy the nutty flavor of these seeds in your food. It has many health benefits like you can relieve indigestion and much more.

2. Coriander powder

Coriander powder, as the name suggests, is made out of coriander seeds used in every other Indian dish. Coriander powder has an aromatic flavor that can add a new value to your dish. You can add coriander powder to any simple Indian dish.

3. Cumin powder

Cumin powder offers a great woody flavor to your dishes. Cumin powder is generally used in all types of sauteed vegetables and curries. You can use cumin powder in marinades as it will provide a remarkable flavor that can take you to cloud nine.

4. Garam masala Powder

When talking about Indian cuisine, you can’t spell out Indian food without the garam masala. Garam masala is a mix of all Indian spices. You can’t underestimate the powerful garam masala as it is the essential ingredient in Indian Cuisine that brings out all the flavors. You can also enjoy the many health benefits of garam masala, like regulating blood pressure and improving heart health. You can learn to cook Butter Chicken by taking Indian cooking classes in Chilliwack.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is known for its yellow color. Turmeric is more used for its color and health benefits than its flavor. This spice is rich in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It has a beautiful earthy flavor that is rich in goodness.

The Bottom Line

These spices are a must-add to every Indian dish. So, when you start your Indian food cooking journey, you should stock up on these essential spices in your kitchen to get the flavor you want in your food! Many Indian cooking classes in Chilliwack, Promontory, will introduce you to essential Indian spices.


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