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What is Oligospermia?

Oligospermia occurs because of low sperm count. Usually, it is a problem within the male reproductive system and is considered a male infertility problem. However, male sexual health also includes the ability to get & maintain an erection, as well as the capacity to produce ejaculation. If you’re continuously trying to conceive but unable to conceive, Try getting advice from the best IVF centre in Jaipur has a team of highly experienced fertility doctors for consulting and treatment. Doctors will surely help you out and provide you with the right treatment option.

A healthy sperm count is very much needed for fulfilling a successful pregnancy result. {World health Organization} classifies that, Sperm count at or above 15 million sperm per milliliter of sperm as the average count. Any count below that is going to be considered low & should be diagnosed as oligospermia.

  • Between 10 million to 15 million sperm/ml is mild oligospermia.
  • If the sperm count is between 5 million to 10 million sperm/ml, it should be considered moderate oligospermia.
  • Sperm count between 0 to 5 million sperm/ml then it is considered severe oligospermia.

There is no exact number of males who have low sperm amounts because the diagnosis happens only for the men facing difficulty while conceiving naturally for a long time without taking any birth control method, and yet there is no result.

What are the Causes of Oligospermia?

Several conditions and lifestyle habits may increase the chance of oligospermia in a male.


Varicocele happens when veins inside gonads get larger and disrupt the blood flow inside testicles. And because of larger veins, the temperature inside testicles increases over time and could negatively impact sperm production. Around 38% of males with low sperm count or bad quality of sperm have oligospermia.


Viruses that can transmit through sexual intercourse can reduce the sperm production count.

Problems in Ejaculation

Some ejaculation issues may reduce the count of sperm production in men, such as Retrograde ejaculation. When sperm goes into the bladder instead of being discharge from the penis.

Some other factors that may interfere with your typical ejaculation

  • Injuries around the reproductive system
  • Tumors in the reproductive system
  • cancer
  • Previous failed surgeries


Several medications like Antibiotics, beta-blockers & blood pressure medication sometimes may cause issues in ejaculation and reduce the sperm count.

Hormone Problems

Several hormones produced by the brain and testicles are responsible for ejaculation & sperm production. If there is an imbalance in these hormones, then the production of sperms may be affected and lowered.

Use of Drug & Alcohol

If anyone is using substances such as cocaine & marijuana, then it may reduce the sperm count. Moreover, drinking excessive alcohol or smoking has the same effect as people who don’t consume any of these substances.

Body Weight Issues

If a person is overweight, then there are chances of low sperm count. Extra weight can directly impact the sperm count and reduce it. Also, excessive weight may affect the production of hormones.

How does Oligospermia Impact Fertility?

Some of the men suffering from oligospermia may still be able to conceive despite low sperm count. Moreover, Fertilization for them can be more difficult than normal. However, Conceiving could take more attempts for them than the couples without any infertility issues.

Some of the most usual causes of oligospermia also increase the risk of other fertility issues in a man, such as Sperm motility issues.

Sperm Motility is defined by how much active sperm are in the men’s semen. Usually, activity in sperm allows sperm to move forward towards an egg for Fertilization smoothly. Abnormal motility means there is not enough movement in sperm so that sperms can reach up to an egg for Fertilization. However, If sperm moves in the wrong pattern, it may also prevent sperm from reaching an egg.

Have Sexual Intercourse More Frequently

If you’re planning to have a child, increasing the frequency of intercourse may improve the chances of a successful pregnancy, especially when your partner is ovulating

Tracking of Ovulation

Sexual intercourse during ovulation time may increase the chance of conception. Consult with a fertility doctor to find out the best time for intercourse for successful conception.

What is the Treatment for Oligospermia?

Oligospermia treatment may help you improve the sperm count and quality of sperm.

Some of the available oligospermia treatment options


A doctor will close your enlarged veins by redirecting them to another during the surgery, and the blood flows back through other veins.

Change in Lifestyle

Losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight may improve the chances of sperm count. It also reduces the risk of various diseases caused by being overweight.

Hormonal Treatment

If hormones are lower than their health condition, then various injections, medications, and lifestyle habits may put back hormones to a healthy level. Moreover, healthy hormones help the body to produce more healthy sperm.


Low sperm count decreases the chance of conceiving naturally. However, it doesn’t mean that a person with oligospermia cannot conceive naturally, but it is more difficult for them than couples without fertility issues. Consulting with your doctor might help in improving the chances of a successful pregnancy by doing oligospermia treatment.

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