One of the great things about the New Year is that it makes us think about our own lives and especially how we can grow in the year to come. For many believers, this involves starting and perhaps resuming a regular schedule of Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. For those who want to start a plan like this but don’t know exactly where (or how) to start. I thought I was going to introduce a simple process .That I use every day, a process that I mainly learned from Tim Keller who read the Bible every year . The Psalms every month about twenty years ago . With the Bible and diary in hand. Additionally the picture above this article is a visual example . What I found in my thinking journal. Hope this helps you … and have fun! One of the joys of believers is God’s invitation to us to develop our own consistent pattern of nourishing our minds and hearts with life-changing biblical truths. In doing this faithfully, we also learn to pray and connect personally with our Creator. Bible study and prayer are some of the most important ways of God to enrich his children and to meet us with his love and grace in a very tangible and experiential way. If you don’t already have a “method” for personal Bible study and prayer, the following suggestions can help you get started. I suggest that you read the books of the Bible, book by book and chapter by chapter, perhaps starting with books like Genesis, Psalms, John, or Paul’s letter to the Romans. Or, if that sounds more convenient to you, use one of the Bible reading plans listed at the end of this article. As you read and ponder the scriptures, you can do the following to connect with God personally:

Ask God to give you the holy spirit

In teaching the prayers of his disciples, Jesus promised: “How much more will Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him” (Luke 11:13). We need the Spirit to help us understand the scriptures and show us how each part of the scriptures relates to Jesus and applies to our lives. So ask the Lord for this gift and don’t be ashamed! Then consider asking God to clear the distractions of your mind and teach you His word as you study it. A helpful prayer can be: “Search me, God. And know my heart! Try me out and get to know my thoughts! And see whether there is a painful way in me and leads me on the eternal way “(Ps 139: 23-24), that is, the prayer of Paul Ephesians 1: 17-21, which is a prayer that God” opens Eyes of our heart, “so that we can get to know them better, etc.

Read and follow

As you read a chapter or two of the scriptures each day, ask yourself: “What do these verses say? What are you telling me specifically? You can use any of the following suggestions as a guide in interpreting the meaning of the passage, pencil and journal in hand: List what this passage tells you about God or Christ. List what this says about yourself. List a few examples that you can emulate and / or avoid.


“Pray for the Truth in Your Heart”: Make a personal commitment with God. Talk to them directly as you would to the person. Then, limit what you read and consider to one or two of your most important scriptures. For each thought, write down or ponder the answers to each of these questions: How can I praise God for what he says about him? How does my life show that I remember and act? What behaviors / emotions / attitudes arise when I forget that God is like this? Against this background, what sins should I confess? Why is God showing me these special things today? What should I do or become in this context? (Ask god!)


Think of a short sentence that summarizes what you have learned. Come back and meditate on it all day and try to live in God’s power. Learn more  

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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