C# and Javascript both are quite popular programming languages. But there are several questions like what is the difference between C# and Javascript or C# vs Javascripts, etc, which are bothering students so much. 


Well, all educated programmers already know the fact that not all programming languages are built in the same way. All have different features and purposes.


However, in this blog, we will discuss C# vs Javascripts and learn the major difference between them. Curious? Let’s Start!


C# Vs Javascript


C# programming is a type-safe object-oriented programming language. It enables developers to create powerful and secure.Net framework applications. We can develop Windows client apps, XML Web services, distributed components, and client-server applications by using C#. It comes with a very advanced code editor that makes code editing very simple and user-friendly.


Javascript is the scripting language. It is used to make the webpage interactive. It is client-side programming, which means the code runs in the user’s browser without requiring any resources from the web server. JS is used for accomplishing interactive tasks like quizzes and polls.


Let’s discuss the overview of both C# and Javascript.


Overview: C# 


C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. It contains a syntax that is extremely expressive. It was created and designed by  Microsoft Corporation. Curly brackets are used in its syntax, which is comparable to C, C++, and Java. The application which is created with C# will run on the.Net framework. Many of the complexities of C++ have been removed, and many advanced capabilities such as null value types, enumerations, delegates, lambda expressions, and direct memory access have been added.


Pros and Cons: C#




  • Microsoft assistance is available. Unlike Java, which was not helped by Oracle’s takeover, C# is growing, owing to Microsoft’s efforts.
  • It is also one of the most promising languages to learn for beginners.
  • Many openings for the post of C# programmer in any location; 
  • A huge community of programmers.
  • Syntactic sugar is a construct that is used to make it simpler to create and comprehend code (particularly if the code is written by another programmer).




  • X-platform with a bad GUI.
  • C# is less versatile, as it is heavily reliant on the.NET Framework.


Overview: Javascript


Javascript is one of the most popular and commonly used programming languages. JS is gaining popularity faster than any other programming language.  Internal applications are being developed by major corporations like Netflix, Walmart, and PayPal.

If you have the knowledge of JS, you can work as a front-end developer, a backend developer, or a full-stack developer.

JavaScript was created to run only in a browser, and every browser has a JavaScript engine that can execute JavaScript code.


Pros and Cons: Javascript




  • Do not require a compiler, as the web browser interprets it.
  • It is less difficult to pick up than some other programming languages.
  • Errors are easier to recognize and correct.
  • JS is compatible with a variety of browsers and systems.
  • It improves the site’s interactivity and attractiveness to visitors.




  • Vulnerable to exploits (malicious code that takes advantage of software flaws);
  • Some browsers and devices do not always support it;
  • JS code chunks can be rather huge.


C# vs Javascript: Comparison


Field Of Comparison C# Javascript
Designed By It is designed by Microsoft. It is designed by Brendan Eich.
Type Type-safe object-oriented language Object-oriented language
Static Typing Static Dynamic
Platform Limitation on Platform Cross-platform compatible
Flexibility It is very flexible It is less flexible.
Frontend/Backend support It supports frontend JS supports both.
Versatile It is less versatile. It is very versatile.
Syntax It has concise syntax. It has complex syntax.
IDE Visual studio Notepad, Notepad++, Sublime
Readability Great Readability Less readable
Resource Hard to find a resource Easy to find JS developers.


C# vs Javascript: Key Difference


  • C# is not a prototype-based language like JavaScript.
  • JS is a web-browser programming language. It is often known as New PHP. Although C# doesn’t have anything similar.
  • C# is statically and firmly typed, whereas JavaScript is dynamically and weakly typed.
  • Integer data types are not accessible in Javascript, but they are available in C#.
  • JS do not provide the array data type, apart from this C# provides it.
  • In JS, we use “function [function name]”, and “void [function name]” or other function types in C#.)
  • C# is a compiled computer programming language. Whereas, Javascript is a scripting language. As a result, syntactic problems in JavaScript might lead it to fail at runtime.




Well, above we have discussed C# vs Javascript. Earlier, we learned the top difference between C# and Javascript. Thus, to conclude, we can say that C# is a strictly typed object-oriented programming language. On the contrary, Javascript is a client-side scripting language. So, I hope this blog helps you in learning C# and Javascript.




  1. Can C# replace Javascript?

Answer: C# is replacing Javascript by using web assembly. Moreover, C# and Javascript code can interact with each other.


  1. Why is Javascript getting popular?

Answer: The popularity of Javascript is increasing because of Node.JS. It represents the idea of the ‘Javascript everywhere’ paradigm.

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