Mayurasana Yoga Pose

In Mayurasana Yoga Pose, the shape of the yogi body appears like a peacock. Hence this yoga posture was named after Mayurasana. A daily practice of this asana can help you to never get into the diabetes disease in your lifetime. Not only this, if you get to benefits from blood sugar, constipation, fast-spreading diseases nowadays, Mayurasana is very beneficial in that condition.

Mayurasana Yoga Pose can be done in two ways. First, you do it by lifting the body on the ground with the help of your hands, and the second way is by pushing the edges of a table with palms. By the way, the first method gives more benefits to Mayurasana yoga.

In this article, we are going to tell you that what are steps, benefits, and precautions of doing Mayurasana Yoga Asana.

Steps of doing Mayurasana Yoga Pose:

By following the below steps of Mayurasana yoga, will help you while practicing this asana. So let’s see further the steps of doing Mayurasana yoga pose-

Step 1: Let the knee stick on the ground while sitting. Put your palms of both hands on the surface in a way that your both hands fingers are placed in the direction of your feet and keep combining.

Step 2: Fold both elbows on the soft part of the abdomen, around the navel, now bend forward and extend both legs backward.

Step 3: After exhaling, raise both legs above the ground and tilt the head down. In this way, make the position of the whole body parallel to the ground.

Step 4: The weight of the entire body will remain on the two palms only. Hold on in this position for a while and come back to an initial state.

Step 5: Initially do this asana once, gradually increase according to your capacity.

Step 6: To perform this asana it is necessary to maintain the balance of the body. Which is not possible at first. If you practice Mayurasana daily, you will definitely be able to do it easily.

Benefits of Mayurasana Yoga Pose:

1- Mayurasana greatly benefits the liver, kidney, pancreas, and stomach.

2- Often practicing this asana can save you to become a diabetic patient.

3- This yoga is best for peace of mind, to relieve stress.

4- Stomach diseases such as constipation, gas, indigestion cleanse and make digestive power very strong.

5- Brings light on the face. Toxification during this asana does not allow spots and stains on your face.

6- This asana is very useful for the lungs.

7- Performing this asana strengthens the body.

8- Whoever has the disease of diabetes, helps to reduce it immediately.

9- Mayurasana yoga is very beneficial to solve any problem related to the eyes.

10- In addition to common diseases, Mayursana gives strength to the intestines and other organs. Mayurasana provides relief from gastric and bladder defects.

Precautions need to be taken while practicing Mayurasana Yoga

  • Usually, Mayurasana yoga should not be done for those people who have very high blood pressure.
  • TB or tuberculosis patients should not also do Mayurasana Yoga.
  • People affected by heart attacks or heart-related diseases should not be also practiced.
  • People suffering from ulcers and hernia disease should avoid doing this yoga.

Although, Mayurasana yoga pose has many health benefits by which you can also get benefited practicing this asana. As a beginner, you need to be more cautious about performing this asana so you could reduce the chances to get injured.

A yoga trainer or teacher can give you better support to practice this yoga asana and make you comfortable with this asana. Avoid haste during this asana, go with ease in starting.

You might also gain many health benefits of yoga by joining a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.


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