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When it comes to the design of the new children’s bike, it is actually your child who should make a selection. After all, your child will spend a lot of time on the new bike. However, you can make a pre-selection. roadmaster granite peak women’s mountain bike choose a handful of bikes based on the purchase criteria. Afterward, your child can choose his favorite bike. This approach has often been recommended in comparison to 20-inch children’s bicycles.

Very young children prefer very strong and colorful colors on children’s bicycles. For slightly older children, other colors may also be considered. Let yourself be surprised by how your child will decide.

As far as prices are concerned, there are big differences. You will of course get a premium bike for a high price. Likewise, for a lower price, you will get a bike, which is very simple. After all, you can also buy a used 20-inch children’s bike cheaply. If you want to buy a good children’s bike with 20 inches used, you should arrange a viewing appointment before buying. Do not have the goods sent unseen. Because even a high-quality Cube children’s bike with 20 inches can have serious defects after a few years of use.

Children’s bike 20-inch: Purchase advice

The most important purchase criteria should be listed here. If you want to buy a new 20-inch bike for your son or daughter, you should not buy a bike indiscriminately. It is better if you make a list with the purchase criteria in advance and then go on the search.

Optics is only the first factor

If you have chosen a few bicycles that meet your expectations, you can inform your child and take them with them to buy. Your son or daughter will then have the opportunity to have a say.

As a rule, the choice will fall on a 20-inch children’s bike, which is visually appealing to your child.

Adjustable saddle makes riding easier

Very important is the size of your child. A minimum size has already been specified in this report. If your child is one centimeter smaller or taller, this is no longer tragic. kids mountain bike for example, you can adjust the height of the saddle of the bike. So there is a chance that your child still has the opportunity to get on the bike. Similarly, with a larger child, you can screw the saddle upwards.

Furthermore, several tests have shown that really good 20-inch children’s bicycles have a front and backpedal brake. If the front brake does not work, an accident can quickly happen. A coaster brake provides a good remedy here and protects your child even in the event of a failure of the front brake.

Safety equipment must be strictly observed

Most 20-inch children’s bicycles are very good in their basic equipment. Sometimes, however, there is no bicycle bell on the steering wheel. A bell is not a must, but your child can draw attention to himself if the path or the road is not clear.

If there are no reflectors on the children’s bike, you should retrofit the bike accordingly. Reflectors are strongly recommended when used on the road. So you can increase the safety of your child. Alternatively, you can also install lighting on the bike according to the StVZO.

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