A multimeter is a measuring instrument that is used, among other things, braun irt 6500 vs 6020 for the installation of electrical cables or the inspection of electrical appliances. The multimeter allows you to measure the voltage and current of electrical circuits.

Internet tests show that multimeters of measurement class CAT III offer a particularly large measuring range and thus enable the most accurate measurements possible. For private use, multimeters of measurement class CAT II are also sufficient.Choose a multimeter with illuminated display from our comparison table and read the measurement results optimally even in the dark.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our multimeter comparison

The most important in a nutshell

With a multimeter you can measure direct and alternating current. The devices are needed, among other things, when carrying out electrical installations.

The multimeters are available in digital and analog versions. A special form of the multimeter is the current clamp.

When buying the multimeter, you should definitely pay attention to the overvoltage category in which the multimeter is classified. Based on the measurement category, you can see for which purposes the multimeter is suitable.

Not only professionals, but also hobbyists often need a multimeter. The measuring device is used, for example, to check defective household appliances. This allows you to measure the voltage with the multimeter and find out where the defect is located. The multimeter is also suitable for checking rechargeable batteries and batteries. Especially in the car, a multimeter is an advantage. If the vehicle does not start, you can use the multimeter to measure the voltage of the battery and find out whether it is defective.

Regardless of whether you need the multimeter for the car, the household or the hobby, it is important that the measurement accuracy of the respective model fits your needs. In our multimeter comparison 2022 you will find out which measurement classes are distinguished and which is the best multimeter for your needs.

What is a multimeter?

A multimeter is a measuring device that can be used for different sizes in several measuring ranges. braun thermoscan specification depending on the model, the multimeters can be used to measure voltage, resistance and current. Common names are therefore also multitesters, voltage testers or voltmeters.

What types of multimeters are offered on the market?

A distinction is made between analog and digital multimeters. An overview of the different types of multimeters can be found in the table below.

Digital multimeter

Measured values are displayed on a display

high measurement accuracy

Multimeter for beginners

Analog multimeter

Operation requires experience

Measured values are read on a scale

Partial measurement accuracy insufficient

Measuring pliers

Multimeter with current clamp

Measurement of voltage and resistance

Suitable as a continuity tester

The advantages and disadvantages of a digital multimeter at a glance:


Multimeter with high accuracy

suitable for beginners

The display makes reading easier


Batteries are needed

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