If you are looking for a new platform for your Chinese films, then you may want to check out IQIYI. This video-sharing platform has quickly gained popularity and offers a great platform for film producers and viewers alike. If you’re interested in the Qiyi Thunderclap, Qiyi MS, Qiyi Bullfight, and Qiyi Sail, read on to find out more about each one.

Qiyi Thunderclap

The Thunderclap from QiYi is an excellent value for money ring. Its recently redesigned centre piece makes it easier to manipulate. This product has improved corner cutting and stability and also allows for reverse corner cutting up to 45 degrees. The price of the Thunderclap is also very reasonable considering the fact that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The centre piece of the Thunderclap is also small compared to its predecessors.

Qiyi MS

The Qiyi MS 3×3 is a magnetic speed cube that is part of Qiyis new economy MS series. This magnetic cube provides a crisp, super-precision solving experience. With a transition from clear plastic to frosted plastic, the Qiyi MS 3×3 is easily the best economy cube on the market. It has caught the attention of competitive solvers and has already become one of Qiyis most popular cubes.

Qiyi Bullfight

The QiYi Bullfight 3×3 is the first release from the MoFangGe series, which is known for producing high-performance speedcubes. This cube cuts corners well and turns smoothly right out of the box. It also features a nice clicky feeling and comes with a quality mesh cube bag. If you are just starting out with speedcubes, this is a good cube to buy for your first puzzle.

Qiyi Sail

The QiYi Sail W is a new budget-friendly 3×3 speed cube that has a reinforced mechanism that makes it more durable. The cube also features a rounded-off center cap that prevents catching. Overall, the QiYi Sail W is a solid choice for speed cubers who want a cheap but reliable 3×3 speed cube. Read on for more information.

Qiyi Warrior W

If you are looking for a good cube for speedcubing at an affordable price, the Qiyi Warrior is the right choice. Although it is not the most expensive speedcube on the market, it provides excellent performance and is suitable for both beginners and experienced players alike. Here we’ll look at the advantages of the Qiyi Warrior and its features. Also, we’ll look at the cost and how it compares to other similar cubes.

Qiyi Timer

The Qiyi Timer is a useful tool for yoga practitioners and enthusiasts. It uses a 3.5mm connecting port for connecting a timer to your mat. Its two fasteners are located at either end of the device, so you won’t have to worry about losing them. The timer’s LCD display is readable even if you’re looking for it in Chinese. It also features a reset button at the other end of the display, which won’t interfere with the timer’s operation. It works on two AAA batteries.

Qiyi QiMeng Plus

The Qiyi-QiMeng Plus is one of the largest 3×3 releases from the brand. It features smooth turning right out of the box and a 9CM cube for extra stability. It also ships with tracking and insurance. This is a great addition to your cube collection. Read on to find out more about the Qiyi-QiMeng Plus. Listed below are some of its features and benefits.

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