Laminates are one of the most common surface flooring materials in the marketplace. Although the laminate sheets are made of recycled wood compressed with raisins and different synthetic materials to indurate the laminates, these sheets can easily resemble hardwood. However, decorative laminates are available in different other types.


Even though laminates have been in the market for quite a while, there are various strange ideas or concepts you can learn about laminate sheets and their features. Whenever customers have misconceptions or believe in different myths, there will certainly be a gap in information as they have not understood the process properly. On the other hand, if the customers don’t have clear information on the making and processing of laminate sheets, misconceptions and myths are created.


Here, we have shed light on the three most popular myths about laminate sheets to debunk them with facts. We’re expecting to give you a closure look at the facts related to decorative laminates and how they work.


Myth #1: Laminates are very expensive


Laminates are a long-term investment for covering your furniture, countertops, windows or doors and even the entire flooring. Therefore, if you consider the value a decorative laminate will add to your interior and its long-lasting durability, you’ll not be thrown off by the number of price tags. While choosing laminates over other surface materials, you’re guaranteed one main aspect, affordability with non-compromised aesthetics.


Laminates are always a better purchase by comparing the heavy-duty performance, high-quality materials and multipurpose benefits to other hardwood, tile or carpet materials. If you’re confused about choosing a laminate with proper pricing, you can count on the Royale Touche laminate sheets. We are one of India’s most trusted laminate manufacturers and are happily serving thousands of customers. So, you can easily choose our products to cover surfaces with an affordable range.


Myth #2: Laminates are Easily Damaged


Another silly myth about the laminates is that the sheets are prone to crack and be dented for increased footprint traffic. Laminate sheets are composed of four layers: base, substrate, pattern and wear. Interestingly every laminate layers are hard in its way and are bonded with others under extensive pressure. These layers are pasted with one another with the help of resins. As a result, the laminate planks are highly durable and long-lasting so that they can be used for decades.


If you’re afraid of the myths that state that laminate sheets are flimsy and fragile,  Royale Touche laminates are here to break your misbelief. Royale Touche is considered one of the best laminate brands in India as we know our customers’ pain points. The laminate sheets offered by us are protected against heat, humidity and even water. Therefore, you can install Royale Touche laminate sheets irrespective of any atmosphere.


Thanks to advanced technology, the laminate sheets are created so that the laminates can serve as scuff and scratch-resistant, abrasion protective and highly durable surface material.


Myth #3: Laminates are non-repairable and critical to maintain


Many people have misconceptions that laminate flooring cannot be replaced. However, this is false, as laminate sheets are sold in planks. Each of them can be replaced or changed with wax pencils or other types of repair kits.


Royale Touche offers you high-quality laminates in flooring, but these do not adhere to the subfloor of your rooms. So repairing is very easy in the case of laminate sheets.


On the other hand, low maintenance is one of the features we look for in laminate flooring. Therefore, Royale Touche laminates are the best for flooring and ceiling in interior design. Moreover, you can easily remove the stains and mild scratches from the scratch-resistant range of laminates.


Sum Up


So you can easily understand that laminates cannot be defined by different myths. Laminate flooring is beautiful and easy to clean. Laminate flooring is attractive, durable, easy to maintain and repair, less costly than solid wood floors, and is just as excellent a product as conventional solid wood or stone—so don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it!


You can visit our official website to learn more about laminate sheets. If you want to discuss or know more about the laminates, our professionals will help you out in choosing the right one for your home decor.


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