diy moose hunts in alaska

The Alaska region along the Nushagak River and near Cold Bay is where you’ll come to hunt massive Alaskan brown bears. This is an area hunters hunt in the spring and fall seasons months. This is hunting zone is the home of brown bears in Alaska. The site is just as good, if not better than Kodiak Island for big brown bear hunting.

The Aleutian Range has incredible thousands of foot peaks of mountains that appear beautiful from the seashore, making it the perfect surrounding for viewing the giant coastal brown bear. The brown bear in these areas can grow up to 12-13 feet square with a head of over 30 inches.

The Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt takes place from a Spike Camp, reached only by a Super Cub airplane with large tundra tires.

Outfitters and guides constantly check their campsites and move forward as circumstances change. As winter loosens its grip and the snow melts, the bears will emerge from their den. Hunting groups are constantly on the lookout for such a moment and set up camp accordingly. With the base camp located near the river or sea, hunters also explore the beaches in search of dead whales or walruses as brown bears, wolves and wolverines love to feed on these carcasses.

These enormous beasts migrate to lower altitudes from the mountains, searching for food and female bears. Spring brings a lot of the hustle and bustle to the air giving hunters quite a show! Often you will see the more giant boars chase the smaller boars and the adults clinch and down mountains to occupy their area.

Fall Hunts – Nushagak Area near Wood-Tikchik State Park, ALASKA

If you love hunting in the fall and are really after a ten-foot brown bear, you may want to consider the brown bear hunting area near Wood-Tikchik State Park. For this hunt, you have to reach Dillingham by air. Season dates for this region are from August 10 to September 30.

Over the years, many hunters have hunted the giant trophy brown bear during the fall season. In this area, hunters look for brown bears over 10 feet that weigh up to 1400 pounds.

Hunting is mainly done in the lowland areas of rivers and streams, full of a large run of sockeye and king salmon. Brown bears will eat the salmon to gain the weight needed to hibernate. After feeding, the bears will lie in bushy alder trees, becoming places where hunters can camp. These areas have proved very productive for hunters as brown bears move away from rivers after feeding. For glassing salmon-eating brown bears, most of the day is spent sitting on the banks of the Nushagak River.

Moose Hunt in Alaska

Alaska moose hunting is a unique adventure that hunters experience on their trip. In addition to being one of the most impressive large game trophies globally, they are huge animals, weighing between 1500 and 1800 pounds, with a height of about seven feet and horns more than 80 inches on the head. Getting a closer look at one of these magnificent beasts is worth whatever effort it might take to hunt them. Alaska-Yukon Moose hunting can be possible by visiting the Alaskan Peninsula or the north of Dillingham. The area near the Nushagak River and Bristol Bay are the regions they inhabit.

Many outfitters provide the adventurous trip of moose hunting in Alaska with experienced guides, or you can DIY moose hunts in Alaska.

Typically, the moose hunting season is held in September, with the major spot and stalk techniques rather than the calling approach. Calling is a traditional technique with fun, and it’s great if you’re in a 50-yard visibility area, professional guides or huntsman prefer to hunt more in open areas where the bull can be seen from a considerable distance, and a stalk plan can be executed.

If you are a rifle hunter, carry decent caliber rifles like .338 Win Magnum during a hunting trip. Use high-quality bullets, such as Swift A-Frames, Barnes X Bullets, or Winchester Fail-Safe. Although it is not extremely difficult to put these gigantic beasts down, it is easy to shoot them quickly and, on the spot, if possible.

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