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Everybody uses their PC or Laptop every day for at least 5 to 6 hours, whether in Office or at Home. But sometimes, it becomes a headache when our PC stops working or it just gets stuck between the tasks.

Solving this problem, we are here to discuss the best ways and quick tips to improve your Windows Performance, so your laptop can work at its best potential.

Best 10 Tips to Improve your PC Performance

  •  Turn off Unusual Notifications

You can easily speed up Windows 10 by changing a few system settings. One of these changes is the way that the computer handles notifications. Notifications are a great feature, but they also slow down your system. If you want to boost your system’s speed, you need to disable this feature. You can turn off the notification in the settings of Windows 10. This is a very simple tip to speed up your PC.

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  •  Disable Startup Applications

The next step is to uninstall any applications that run on startup. These programs take up a lot of processor time and will make Windows 10 run slower. You should only install programs that you really need. You should delete the ones you don’t. You can launch Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar or pressing Ctrl-Shift-Escape to open it. After this, look at all the programs that are running on your computer and remove those which you don’t use now.

Most people tend to install applications that run in the background and slow down the system. To disable these programs, you can use the Task Manager. This is accessed by right-clicking on the taskbar or by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Escape. From here, you can see all the programs that are running on your computer. If you have trouble removing these applications, you can disable their background processes.

By disabling unnecessary applications, you’ll increase your PC’s available memory and reduce your system’s disk space. This will improve your computer’s responsiveness. It’s also a good idea to remove all unnecessary programs on your PC. There are some options in Windows that can significantly increase your computer’s speed. Fortunately, there are some simple tips to speed up Windows 10 and maximize its performance.

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  •  Remove ” not using ” Softwares

One of the most common ways to speed up Windows 10 is to eliminate unnecessary programs from your PC. Uninstalled software can occupy memory and disk space, slowing down your PC. So, it’s best to delete them. Additionally, try to get rid of any software you never use, such as games. If you must keep an app, use it on the portable version instead. To monitor the performance of your PC, you can open the Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar or pressing Ctrl-Shift-Escape. This will reveal all the startup items that are taking up space on your PC. You can delete these programs to speed up your computer.

Unwanted applications will slow down your laptop’s processing. Try to remove them. Some of these apps aren’t needed and just take up disk space. Having fewer installed applications can speed up your laptop. However, you should also remove unwanted programs. If you’re running Windows 10, it’s a good idea to uninstall them first. You can do this by right-clicking the taskbar.

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  •  Disable Background Services

Disable all background services on your PC. Many of these apps consume resources that can be used for other tasks. It’s better to disable them than to manually restart them. Moreover, it’s important to delete all background programs to speed up your PC. The most basic of these tips will also improve the system’s performance. They will help you speed up your PC. You can try these steps and see the results. You’ll surely notice a huge improvement!

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  • Turn off Unnecessary Apps

Most applications can be turned off by deleting them. Similarly, you can turn off notifications that pop up on your screen. Notifications may distract you from your work or distract you from other tasks. This way, your PC will run more efficiently. By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to a faster Windows 10. And if you’re still having trouble, there’s nothing to worry about. Simply click the start button and go to Settings.

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