Everything we buy every day seems to rise as fuel prices rise. Some people find it difficult to meet their needs, and getting another job to work for eight dollars an hour will not make a big hole in anyone’s pocketbook. The easiest way to earn extra income as your own side job or business is to take on some cleaning jobs.

There are two types of cleaning companies, residential and commercial.

Housing cleaning is becoming a necessary skill for some jobs as well. In today’s busy world, some people don’t have time to clean up and go to a dirty house every night. For some of these low-income people, paying $ 50 a day to clean their house is a good deal. It only takes 1 to 2 hours after setting up a routine Erhvervsrengøring and tidy the house according to the cleaning schedule. With just two residential cleaning accounts, you can earn an extra $ 3000 per month on light cleaning and cleaning for 2 to 4 hours a day while you are still your own boss. You can start your own cleaning business with tools, supplies and licenses for just $ 500. There are some things you need to do when starting your own cleaning business, but following the right steps will avoid a lot of difficulties for you.

When you start a cleaning business,

you need to set up a registered company in your state. Making money without paying taxes is illegal, and people who play by the rules will be cheated out of the IRS every year, and you will be number one. When you register your company, be sure to list it as an LLC to protect your current assets. Protecting yourself from a limited liability company will protect you from litigation if anything happens to your account cleanup. Things that can happen to a cleaning account, may blame you for missing something, start a fire when you clean them, or blame you for something you did not blame.

 In most states it costs about $ 100 to set

LLC company and is worth the money if anything happens. The next thing you need is safety and security. Being safe and secure, it will protect you from the hassle of breaking someone’s counter or staining their new hardwood bathroom floor with acid bowl cleaner. Call your local insurance company and ask for quotes, be sure to let them know that you are shopping and want the best price.

The second thing you need when you start a cleaning business is customers.

Start small, do not despair, this is the most difficult part of starting your own cleaning company. A great way to set up your cleaning plan is to make a list of the cleaning tasks you do around your own home and type the list neatly so you can show it to your customers. As a cleaning menu that customers can afford. Select cleaning activities. Ng. Everything is different, each customer will wait for more details about some cleaning tasks or others depending on how clean their home is.

Advertising is easier than most people think.

The easiest way to advertise is to network and tell others about your company’s cleaning efforts. It always turns out that some bodies have acquaintances looking for a part-time cleaner for their own home. Another great way to advertise is to place a small local ad in the weekly shopping magazine or make magnetic markings for your car, which can cost up to $ 75 and have an investment value. If you have a computer to pick up and read this article, you can also print simple flyers and deliver them to a mid-to-upper class neighbor in your city (see Local Flyer Delivery Orders before doing so). ).


Once you’ve got one or two customers, it’s time to set a price. Mickey

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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