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Do you know how to plan for Black Friday 2022? Black Friday is a very important event for any type of commerce. And in the year 2021, online commerce has reached levels never before imagined, growing at breakneck speed. So now, in 2022, it’s never too early to start thinking about date-related strategies for an online store . So, in this article, we are going to explain how to plan for Black Friday 2022. Keep reading to find out!

Understand how to plan for Black Friday 2022 with these tips

Black Friday 2022 falls on the 25th of November. So, there’s plenty of time ahead to start planning a strategy for your brand for the day.

But why do it so far in advance? There are many reasons to carefully organize for Black Friday . These reasons have to do with the immense potential of the date. In 2021, the two days of Black Friday resulted in a gain of 40.02 million USD for e-commerce. It is clear, then, that for a store that wants to improve its sales, this is a unique opportunity.

However, it is also an ephemeral opportunity. Black Friday comes once a year, and many people plan to make big purchases specifically on this date. This means that if your brand misses the occasion, it could end up losing customers.

Therefore, it is important to plan well for Black Friday 2022. But how to do this? Fortunately, there are many tips that can be of great help in this planning. Next, we will present the main ones. Check out!

Organize your product inventory

During Black Friday, it is not uncommon for many people to want the same product. Therefore, for the entrepreneur, it is essential to know how well his stock of each product that is for sale is.

In this way, organize the stock of products in your online store before Black Friday. That way, you can arrive on the date with a full understanding of the capabilities of your point of sale. This ensures that you can make realistic promises to your customers, both in terms of stocking a product and shipping.

Don’t make fake promotions

With the success of Black Friday, many stores use techniques to trick the customer into buying something for the same price as usual. The most common of these techniques is to increase the price of a product a few weeks before the date, and, on Black Friday, put the price it had all year as a “discount”.

This type of strategy, in addition to being unethical, is harmful to the brand image . That’s because, nowadays, there are sites that track the price of a product specifically to detect these techniques. Thus, the ideal is to avoid this path and make honest Black Friday Deals.

Create an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a great strategy to promote your store’s Black Friday . This is because he establishes frequent and direct contact with potential customers.

Because of this, creating an email marketing campaign allows you to advertise your e-commerce promotions in advance. This increases the chances of success.

Black Friday email statistics 2022

Hire a digital marketing agency

If you want to know how to plan for Black Friday 2022, the best choice is to hire a digital marketing agency . The Blogger Cage, for example, is a great option, with a highly qualified team that can help you.

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