Video marketing can be an effective way to engage your target audience and drive sales, but if you don’t know how to keep your viewers engaged with interactive videos, then all your hard work can be lost to poor engagement and lack of participation. By adding interactive elements to your videos, you can create an immersive user experience that helps increase viewer engagement. Here’s how to do it right!

Create an Instagram Story

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create an interactive video using Cinema8: 

1) Create an account and download the app. 

2) Choose the interactive video you want to create. 

3) Add your introduction by selecting what you would like it say and then recording yourself saying it. 

4) Add clips from the video that you would like viewers to use, adding captions for each one.

Add a Poll in Your Video

This video is about how you can keep your viewers engaged by creating interactive videos. I’ll answer that question right now by showing you an example. 

We’re going to watch a Cinema8 video created by W+K and the New York Times called What Happens When You Hit Send. The video itself is made up of four different videos, each one with its own storyline, and viewers can choose which one they want to watch next.

Get Creative – Use Emojis and GIFs

When you make an interactive video, it’s important to keep your viewers engaged. These videos can be made in Cinema8 for a very reasonable price and offer a variety of features that will help you do just that! Here are some tips for making interactive videos Use emojis or GIFs as symbols for points you want to highlight in the video. It is important to include these at the end so that people know what they need to tap on when watching the video on their device.

Share What Works

Adding interactive elements to your videos is a great way to keep viewers engaged. You can use these interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, and games so that viewers are rewarded for watching your content. One of the most popular types of interactive video is the Choose Your Own Adventure video where you can decide how the story goes.

Promote your video on other platforms

If you’re looking for a way to keep your viewers engaged and interested in your videos, interactive videos are the way to go.

Interactive videos allow viewers to play with the video by either clicking or dragging things on their screen. This type of video is perfect for those who want their audience members feeling like they are part of the action. Plus, it’s a great way of boosting engagement rates and increasing video views.

Invite your friends

Do you want your viewers to pay more attention, stay on the page longer, and read what they’re reading? The answer is an interactive video. Let me show you how we use these videos at our company.

Use Hashtags in the first few seconds of your video

*If you’re going to use hashtags, be sure that you are only using one or two. You want people watching your video to be able to see all the other videos relating to your topic. 

*Pick a hashtag that is very specific, like #animatedvectors or #videoediting. This will help people who are interested in this particular subject find your video more easily.

Put your hashtags at the end of your videos

Interactive video are becoming more popular on social media as a way to keep your viewers engaged. Whether it’s through questions, polls, or other interactive actions that you can take while watching the video, interactive videos are a great way to keep your viewers entertained and interested in what you have to say.

Answer Questions from Commenters

I’m going to try and answer some of the comments here. Yes, you can use your phone or tablet, or if you want, you can download a free app that will work on your computer.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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