mobile concrete mixer

As their name suggests, these big trucks transport mobile concrete mixer from the plant to the construction site. In the middle of these heavy machines, cement, sand, and water are mixing together. We call it ready-mixed concrete, because we transfer it to the truck in a churning process.

Small real estate projects can be completed. With the help of small concrete mixers marketed by ProAll International. As large volumetric mixers are not a financially suitable option. Most of the currently available versions of mobile concrete mixers on the market are lightweight. Permitting them to be easily mobile. It is a favourite of people from the construction business.

ProAll International’s heavy machines are used worldwide. But like most other machines, a mobile concrete mixer too needs regular maintenance and cleaning. To elongate its life and ensure that it delivers up to your expectations. Before we explain to you the cleaning-maintenance process. First gain some knowledge about ready-mixed and site-mixed concrete.

Ready Mix Concrete vs. Site-Mixed Concrete

A plant is used to process Ready-mix concrete. And provided to the construction site in an unhardened and plastic state, ready for use. It is billed by volume, mostly in cubic metres.

Site-mixed concrete, on the other hand, is a volumetric concrete that is processed at the construction site. This is why we call it site-mixed concrete. You should mix the concrete constituents in specific ratios to achieve the needed strength. This procedure necessitates the use of formulae to determine the amount of materials and steps. Required to achieve the desired consistency.

While preparing site-mixed concrete, construction engineers must take precaution with the material’s percentage to avoid any quality issues in the end product.

Steps For Cleaning A Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine

Bringing it back to our main point of discussion, it is a common issue with most construction gadgets to fail. Because the interior and exterior are not clean. So, focus on cleaning both these sections to get the desired result. The cleaning process should not be an event; it should be a regular process instead. When these gadgets carry your concrete, the latter gathers in lumps, exposing the hardware steel to corrosion. So, the cleaning of gathered concrete on concrete tanks and access mouths is crucial to keep the truck in good health.

Make it a point to clean your truck properly after every job. You can remove the liquid cement completely. This approach makes the after-job maintenance process fast. Because it does not have complex chemicals to break down. Instead of resorting to HCL (hydrochloric acid), you can use chemicals or mild substances to clean the mobile concrete mixer. A high-energy wash clubbed with a brush can also clean the wet concrete. Wet cement will come off easily with the assistance of appropriate tools and chemicals.

Bring Out Your Tool Belt

When ProAll International’s concrete mixer drum begins to spin, use a hammer or mallet to get rid of any of the hardened concrete. After that, spin the drum for a little while, and then lift it off the concrete to empty it. When you have cleaned the mixer inside, employ a high-pressure spray to rinse the interiors of the drums. This technique will remove large chunks of the walls of the drum in no time.

Safety first

Because this is a heavy machine job, pay special attention to safety protocols. Both yours and your staff’s safety is at stake. Ensure that everyone is wearing safety goggles to safeguard themselves from both dust and debris. You should do this job across different time spans. Because you cannot complete it in a single moment. You can get rid of concrete from the drum of a mobile concrete mixer by spinning the drum twice or thrice as the situation requires.

Another Inexpensive Cleaning Procedure

Another cost-effective way to clean a mobile concrete mixer is the use of a combination of a mixture of water and gravel. This procedure does not involve the use of corrosive chemicals and has a zero carbon footprint. In this process, we leave the water-gravel mixture rotating for 15–20 minutes to get the best result. If you are new to this process, then ask for ProAll International engineers’ assistance.

They carry with them industry-grade know-how and experience. And provide you with the exact ratio of water and gravel that will do the job perfectly on the first attempt. Our experts offer environmentally friendly cleaning for mobile concrete mixers of other brands as well.

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