How to make a cake taste like a bakery cake

Cakes are the centerpiece of all celebrations. These sweet baked items have a delicious taste. Now a day’s people have started making cakes in their homes and they want them to be exactly like that of a bakery cake. Although, bakery cakes are prepared with the same ingredients they are loved because of their special taste and aroma. Here are some of the very simple steps which you need to consider to make your cake taste like a bakery cake:

·         Addition of more eggs:

If you want to get an extra rich Cake Boxes like that of a bakery, add two or more extra egg yolks in addition to the eggs the recipe calls for. But for more airy and lighter cakes, use just one egg white. You need to consider that taking out egg yolks decreases the number of fats in the cake that should be sidewise replaced by a tablespoon of butter for every egg yolk removed.

·         Use milk instead of water:

Replace water with another liquid with flavor and fats. A good substitute can be whole milk or non-dairy milk. Coconut, butter, or almond milk also works well in this regard. Milk contains fats, which gives your cake better density and flavor. In the case of buttermilk, which is extra rich, just use a few table tablespoons as suggested in the recipe.

·         Use butter as a substitute for oil:

Most cake recipes include the use of canola or vegetable oil. The only problem is, that these oils are almost flavorless. Replacing oil with an equal or slightly more amount of melted butter boosts its richness and owes you the taste of that of a bakery cake.

·         Addition of little Mayo:

Mayonnaise and desserts are not typically placed together. But adding a spoon of mayo to your cake recipe (two tablespoons are enough); you will instantly see much improvement in its texture. Mayo makes the cake incredibly luscious. For more taste, you can also add a quarter cup of fat yogurt or sour cream.

·         Pop up the taste of chocolate:

In preparing a chocolate cake, boost its flavor by adding hot water in spite of tap water. Hot water blooms the cocoa well again. Another alternative of it is to replace the hot water with some strong brewed coffee. Chocolate and coffee are known as a match made in heaven and they significantly pop up the flavor.

·         Topping up the tasty bits:

The flavor of vanilla powder in your cake can be bumped up by using a teaspoon of vanilla extract as a substitute. In the case of white or yellow cake, lime zest or a bit of lemon juice is beneficial. At the end throw a handful of nuts, dried fruits, or chocolate chips to add a delightful touch.

·         Adding special to layers:

As your cake bakes, slice it into halves or thirds and add something more to those layers. To enhance moisture and flavor, put some jam, marmalade, or simple syrup on it. These layers are also best for more icing or frosting. You can use other mouth-watering layering ingredients like buttercream, lemon curd, chocolate seasoning, etc. This will add an additional bakery taste to it.

·         Poke Holes:

Another interesting way to make your cake soaked in flavor is to poke holes in it. Pour some of the flavored mixtures from the top and it soaks through the holes. How to make your cake taste like a bakery cake.

If these simple guidelines are implemented, or even a few of them are considered, you can make your homemade cake that tastes exactly like a bakery cake. After preparing, the next step is to choose a unique and attractive cake box for it. A well-designed bakery box not only protects the items inside but also provides an exquisite view. A wide range of manufacturers is available in the market, which provides the facility of customized bakery boxes to fulfill customer requirements. These are designed according to desired dimensions and style. They provide the option of use of various gadgets like support cushions, bordering options, or lift racks. A bakery window box offers a tempting view of the contents inside. Such customized packaging can add a feeling of delight that will go along with your deliciously baked items.

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