Marketing trends are dynamic and ever-evolving; marketers are unpredictable when a new trend hits the market. The latest marketing trends consist of embedding Twitter Feed on the website to generate trustworthy & interesting content on the website. 

Twitter, a popular social networking site of all ages, is becoming a highly powerful marketing channel to reach and develop robust relationships with their potential audiences. 

Twitter audiences like to share their daily life updates, opinions, latest news, and receive the same information from other users; Twitter has become a huge channel with a larger number of active social media feeds users than other platforms. 

Embedding Twitter Feeds will enhance your website with vibrant tweets, that consist of images, text, hashtag tweets, etc. 

If you want to leverage your marketing efforts with Twitter, then keep reading till the end to learn to embed Twitter Feed on the website too for free. 

Ready to Embed Twitter Feed on the Website

Collect, moderate, and add Twitter feeds to your website

But Why Should Marketers Use Twitter Feeds On Website


With millions of daily active users on Twitter, the majority of the audience on Twitter is between the 25-34 age group which takes up 30% of total Twitter Users. 

Marketers have extensive opportunities to find their potential audience and create an influence marketing approach with Twitter content. 

Embedding Twitter feeds on a website reduces the hassle of marketers creating content unique and attractive every time for their marketing campaign.

This simple and freely available Twitter content is powerful enough to gain the trust of your customers and increase conversions on your website.

Some Amazing Benefits Of Embedding Twitter Feeds On Your Website

Embedding Twitter feeds on your website contributes in a profuse amount to making your website extraordinarily attractive and interesting. Here are a few benefits for you to leverage!

1. Improvise the Engagement Of Users  

Embedding Twitter Feeds on your website makes your website more interactive and interesting. This factor automatically increases the stay time of visitors on the website since they are compelled to explore the website properly. This ultimately results in more user engagement on the website. 

2. Build A Solid Social Proof 

Displaying your Twitter feeds on your website is the smartest way to gain the trust of your existing and potential customers. It not only improves the faith of your customers but also increases your brand’s credibility. This way you can take your brand to the next level and make a relevant place for itself in the market. 

3. Enhance The Overall Look Of Your Website 

You can create a colourful and vibrant aura on your website by displaying Twitter feeds. Due to content generated by various users, they have their own interesting aspects. Overall, this makes the website interesting for your visitors. 

4. Increased Brand Exposure 

Embedding your Twitter feeds on your website provides increased marketing on your platform and helps you to reach a larger number of users effectively. It gives you the opportunity to reach a large audience in a limited time period. 

5. More Celebrity Engagement On Your Website  

Marketing for your brand by collaborating with a famous face or celebrity increases your chance to increase your sales. You can make use of this factor to build a good brand image. This is the most effective method to increase the traffic of your website by driving organic visitors. 

Taggbox: All-In-One Solution To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

Taggbox is one of the most efficient, easy, and best social media aggregators that help marketers/business owners to collect, curate, and embed User Generated content from various social media platforms and present it in a unified manner.

Taggbox has various features including-

  • Customization- Tagemebed helps you to personalize your collected Twitter feed by providing you with the option to customize it according to the overall look of your website. You can apply your preferred theme, layout, font, colours, etc as per your website’s needs and requirements. 
  • Moderation Panel-  The advanced moderation panel on Taggbox allows you to filter out any irrelevant or contaminated content which may hamper the content of your website. This way you can display the content of utmost importance and quality on your website. 
  • Analytics- With the help of insightful analytics, you can keep a track of how your feeds are performing on your website. You can monitor details like clicks, impressions, conversions, etc. 
  • More- Other features offered by Taggbox are Hashtag Highlighter, Custom CSS, API Access, Customer Support, and so on. The highlight of this tool is that it offers a Free Plan to the users. Mentioned below are the steps that you can follow to add a Twitter feed to your website. 

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