Draw A Piratte Ship

How to Draw A Pirate Ship. During the era of piracy, privateers sailed the oceans on their wooden pirate ships in search of more ships and forts to plunder.

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These ships would become something all sailors feared, and the waving skull and crossbones flags would send shivers down the spines of even the most formidable pirates. However, drawing ships is not always easy; Creating a guide like this is essential!

How to Draw A Pirate Ship

Step 1

For the first step of our guide to drawing a pirate ship, we’re starting at the top! In this part, we’ll draw the top of the foremast and the sails for the ship, and you can start with a subtle horizontal shape for the top of the mast.

Then the sail is drawn with some curved lines coming down from that mast so you can draw a little flag on the mast. Next, we draw lines from the masts to form cordage for the ship. Try to place these lines like this to Draw a pirate ship.

Step 2

This step will add more sails to your pirate ship design. You can draw these sails using three triangular shapes with some curved edges. The sails will attach to the topmast, while the bottom of the sails will attach to the rigging you drew in the previous step.

We’re also going to add some detail to the sails by drawing some rips and tears in the fabric. Pirate ships didn’t always have the luxury of being ported for repairs, so they often had to make do with what they had! Once you’ve drawn them, you can add a few more lines for additional rigging on the ship. Then you are ready for step 3!

Step 3

In this step of our guide to drawing a pirate ship, it’s time to add more sails and the front of the ship. First, we’ll start with the front of the ship (or the bow, as it’s called in marine science). You can use straight lines for the pointed front of the ship, turning into curved lines leading to the water.

Next, we’ll add a much more significant and square sail than the ones you drew before, and we’ll finish this step by drawing the central mast. This mast will also have a smaller sail, and the larger one will have more teardrop detail to draw a pirate ship.

Step 4

The crow’s nest was a small basket-like structure above the ship’s mast where a lookout could sit. Now let’s add it to your pirate ship drawing, and then you can add a little fluttering flag. Then you can add another large, square mast near the ship’s center.

This will also have a straight shank over it. You can finish this step by adding a slightly curved horizontal line for the ship’s deck. Once you’ve added all these elements, the next step is adding the finishing touches before adding some color to the image.

Step 5

Step 5 of this guide to drawing a pirate ship is about finalizing the details and final elements of the ship. First, you can draw a large skull and crossbones on the ship’s giant sail. That way, no one will go wrong commanding this ship! Then you can use some curved lines to create the rest of the hull.

Pirate Ship Drawing

This body can then be finished by drawing some small circular shapes and line details to make it look cool. Once all of these are drawn, you might as well draw a background to show the seas this ship is sailing through or maybe even draw lousy weather so it can sail. We can’t wait to see what you draw to draw a pirate ship!

Step 6

In our reference image, we used brown for the ship while giving it black and white sails. This is a range of shades that you can select from, but you can use as many shades as you want for your pirate ship design!

Draw A Piratte Ship

This step allows you to get creative to see what comes to mind. You can also experiment with different artistic mediums, color combinations, and variations to make the colors pop off the page to draw a pirate ship.

Your Pirate Ship Drawing is Finished!

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