If you want to learn to speak Telugu, you can take the CCL exam. It will test your language proficiency, as well as your understanding of conversations between people who speak different languages. It will also grant you five bonus points, known as Credentialed Community Language Points. The next test for Telugu is scheduled on 30 July 2020.


In order to take a NAATI exam, you must know LOTE and English. The exam consists of two dialogue recordings. You must correctly answer the questions in both Telugu and English. The test is worth 63 marks in total, and you must score 29 marks in both dialogues.

The test aims to measure the translation ability of the students. PSA Study provides training in different languages and helps the students to prepare for this exam. The test consists of segments, and the students are required to translate each segment into either English or LOTE. The test is timed, so the candidates are given a period of time to complete the test.

The NAATI CCL test is designed to measure a student’s ability to comprehend and translate the spoken language. It can be very easy for some candidates and very difficult for others. To prepare, you should practice listening to the recording and translating it. The themes are related to everyday life situations in the Australian society.


The NAATI CCL Telugu Test is a critical assessment that examines the student’s ability to communicate and translate. It is administered in two languages and is relatively easy to pass. The test is scheduled for one month, so there is ample time to prepare. The passing score is 5 PR points.

The PTE test consists of four modules, each of which has its own set of questions. The questions are grouped into different types. They are based on different types of information, including grammar and vocabulary. In addition, the test enables you to analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
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IELTS is a global exam that measures a person’s ability to communicate in English. The test is graded on a nine-band scale, each of which corresponds to a specific level of English competency. There are two types of the IELTS test, Academic and General Training. Both tests are used to evaluate the ability to use English in a variety of settings, from higher education to professional employment.

The NAATI Credentialed Community Language Test (CCL) is a language aptitude test, allowing you to earn 5 points toward Australian Permanent Residency. This test measures your ability to convey language in a community setting, assessing both the quality and register of your communication. The test consists of two conversations that are each approximately 300 words long, and are presented in English translation.

IELTS naati telegu preparation is essential if you want to score well in this exam. The test is scored on vocabulary, so it is crucial that you know the right words to use.


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