Weed and apples have only a few features. They’re both plants, and you can eat either of them. You may pick an apple off the tree and eat it straight immediately. It will be light, crisp, tasty, and filling. If you take a Quarter pound weed deal in Cambridge and try to smoke it, you’ll be disappointed at best.

Weed must be cured before it can be smoked. Fresh cannabis may appear to be superior, but it isn’t technically finished becoming weed until it’s dried and cured. It’s worth the extra effort if you want a nice bud with a wonderful high.

Why does weed need to be cured?

If you don’t cure your weed, it won’t get you high, it won’t taste good, and it will go bad quickly. Those are three of the worst possible scenarios with weed, and curing is the process that prevents them from happening.

To increase THC levels

Weed is full of a cannabinoid called THCA while it’s growing. THCA isn’t psychoactive. It won’t get you high. THC is what gets you high, and THC comes from THCA.

In order to convert THCA into THC, you need to cure your weed. Harvesting your buds and allowing them to sit at room temperature in medium humidity levels will slowly start converting THCA into the THC you want, increasing the potency of your weed.

If you try to cure your weed really quickly, this process won’t happen. You need to allow the THCA to naturally degrade a little bit before you cure the weed. The curing process preserves the newly converted THC. If you cure it before it converts, you’re stuck with the amount of THC you have and you can’t increase it. Patience is a virtue.

To preserve terpenes

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds that give your weed its flavor and scent. They add an element of aromatherapy to every joint you smoke. If you don’t cure the weed or attempt to cure it too quickly, the terpenes will break down.

When you Buy CBD edibles online Waterloo with broken-down terpenes, you’ll notice that the taste is harsh. The weed almost tastes spoiled because all of its flavors have degraded. Proper curing encourages them to remain intact.

To keep your weed from going bad

Curing your weed after the THCA converts to THC preserves its potency. If you wait too long to cure your weed, another conversion begins to happen. Your THC will degrade into CBN, another non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Preserving your weed properly when THC levels are close to their fullest potential will keep your weed potent for as long as two years, just as long as you’re storing it correctly.

Do I need to cure the weed I just bought?

No. The weed you just purchased from a reliable retailer or dispensary was cured before they even received it. Curing is something the grower does. You only need to be concerned with the curing process if you’re growing your own plants. If you aren’t, smoke your weed exactly the way it comes. Attempting to cure it won’t do anything to impact its potency or longevity if it’s already been cured.

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