Hemp flower is an amazing product for people who want to enjoy a good smoke without the high. CBD, a cannabinoid that interacts with the endocannabinoid system and helps buy ac diesel hemp flower and is the most common compound found in hemp flower. Thanks to its multiple effects, which are not psychoactive, people are beginning to consume hemp flower as an alternative to high THC strains.

If you are new to these bright green buds, it may be confusing for you to know which strains are the best. But don’t worry, we got your back. In this article, we will walk you through the best remedy hemp flower for sale to smoke on the market and some tips to make the most out of your smokable hemp flower.

Special Sauce

This is one of the most iconic hemp flowers to smoke. Special Sauce has a rich terpene profile that potentiates its already high 18% CBD level. This indica strain has a sweet and earthy aroma that blends perfectly with its berry flavor. A user love it for nighttime smoking, as it melts stress away and makes anxiety disappear for a short period of time before going to bed.

Hawaiian Haze

If you like tropical flavors, Hawaiian Haze is your to-go bud. This sativa-dominant strain offers a sweet floral smell and an earthy taste with notes of tropical fruits. One of hemp lovers’ favorite daytime medications, Hawaiian Haze provides you with energy and makes you talkative while melting stress away. Testing at 19.7% CBD, this is among the best hemp flower to smoke due to its invigorating yet calming effects. Hawaiian Haze is the perfect strain to battle stress, inducing uplifting sensations to keep going through a hard day.

Bubba Kush

This strong indica-dominant strain is a classic. Bubba Kush is a crossbreed between ‘98 Bubba Kush and an unknown indica strain. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, this bud is the best hemp flower to smoke and relax your body. Thanks to its 16% CBD content and a delicious mix of coffee, citrus, and piney notes, Bubba Kush will get your body and mind to a calm and relaxing buzz after a few hits.

Sour space candy

Sour Space Candy is a spectacular hybrid strain that makes it difficult for consumers to stay away due to its fruity flavor. Because of its rich terpene profile, users love to add these multicolored buds to their recipes or simply smoke it and fill the air with a sweet fruity aroma. Additionally, its 16.8% CBD content may be just what you need for a relaxed and calm body. On the other hand, your mind will have a subtle energy boost to help you stay focused and active.


Elektra is a great strain to feel relaxed but not get couch-locked. With an 18% CBD level, Elektra is a great hemp strain to smoke due to its smooth earthy and citrus flavors. While it has calming properties, you can use this strain anytime during the day to keep your mind alert and motivated. Moreover, it will make you feel mellow while inducing stimulating conversations, a must for when you are sharing a good smoking session with friends. For more information just visit our website: THE HEMPTRESS

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