maternity wear australia

When you get pregnant, it is not necessary that you buy new clothes. But if your existing wardrobe consists of tight-fitting jeans and shirts, they would not fit you soon and you might find yourself getting frustrated every day because you have nothing to wear. When that time comes, you’d soon realize that you would need to buy some clothes to build your maternity wardrobe.

However, some smart mommies to be are thinking that once they have given birth, they would not have any use for the clothes they bought when they were pregnant unless they plan to be pregnant again or they could give it away to a younger sister or a friend who is also planning to get pregnant. In order not to waste these clothes you just need to be a smart shopper and build your maternity wardrobe with clothes you could still use after birth.


Jumpers are a staple in every maternity wardrobe not only because they are easy to wear and style but because they are also adjustable and could fit you in every stage of your pregnancy. When you go shopping, look for maternity wear Australia made jumpers with buttons on both sides. You could use these buttons to make the jumper tighter or looser, depending on which stage of your pregnancy. And when you have given birth and your body is back to your pre-pregnancy shape and size, you could button up the jumper to its smallest size.


maternity wear australia
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Billowy blouses

Nowadays, billowy blouses are popular even with those who do not have a bulging belly with a baby. Why? Because they are comfortable to wear, easy to style and flexible. During summer season, they are breathable and preferred by those who run hot.

If they are long enough, they could be worn without any bottoms or a beach coverall. While during winter or colder seasons, they could be worn with a legging underneath and with a cardigan or jacket. They also never go out of style that even if you bought it for your pregnancy, you could still wear it long after you have given birth.


When you buy maternity dresses, think first if they would look good with a belt because once you have given birth, you could still wear these maternity dresses with a belt to give you a bit of shape instead of looking like you are wearing a tent. Nevertheless, if some of these maternity dresses could not be worn with a belt, you could still wear them as night dresses as they could be comfortable sleep wear.

If you are also a whiz when it comes to sewing, you could adjust the measurements of these clothes to fit you after pregnancy or you could even up cycle them and create twinning outfits for you and your baby. You only need to be creative and look for inspiration. You are not the only mommy to be that felt bad about buying maternity wardrobe that they thought they could only wear for a couple of months.

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