Despite the raging pandemic that engulfed many parts of the world and devoured the lives of many, learning never stopped. While schools, colleges, and universities momentarily paused, actual learning never took a back seat with preschools in Ahmedabad. Like many others, we shifted to the virtual worlds and commenced online classes; however, that was not enough.

Preschools in Ahmedabad had to uphold their reputations to prove that it rightfully merited the title it was so fondly given.

Preschooling is not an easy task, let alone managing toddlers via a computer screen miles away, but the tough faculty made distance preschool learning possible. Without the support of the teachers and parents, teaching preschoolers online would be a stillbirth.

International preschools in Ahmedabad is now a household name owing to the robust teaching system and faculty. Understanding how the International School in Ahmedabad managed such a feat is necessary for other such schools to follow suit. The schools were able to do so by using various smart techniques and quick thinking which also represents their working style.

Letting the Ahmedabad Preschool children guide themselves instead of dictating them what to do

Children don’t stop learning irrespective of their constantly evolving environment and having access to the internet only boosts their curiosity. Preschools have encouraged them to come to teachers with questions and doubts and interact with their classmates by actually conversing and not just marking their presence by unmuting themselves. Stimulating their minds by showing visuals and audio has proven to generate more participation in class as well.

 Global Montessori Curriculum, a boon in the face of defeat

Montessori teaching model for pre-schools is an international approach of teaching developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. It focuses on having a student-centric approach where the child interacts with others and chooses what they want to learn and how. Every Montessori classroom allows students to work individually, in pairs and with the physical materials as per their own capacity and interests. 

This helps in bringing out the true self of the child instead of fearful abiding or peer pressure. All students are accountable for their own actions and learn from each other, themselves. The Montessori system believes every cold is unique and so are their needs and it is important to see and hone, respect them for their abilities and capabilities.

Active Role of families of International Ahmedabad Preschools

In a preschool, parents are the bridge to the child’s psyche. They are the teacher’s best allies. Connecting and coordinating with them will open a new world of understanding these children and better cater to their growth requirements. Parents are connected not only with the teachers but are given the chance to interact with each other on online platforms and forums. Parents can discuss problems, hindrances, achievements to work as a community. It is rightly said that a village is needed to raise a child and such preschools allow for a transparent interaction.

Preschools in Ahmedabad building an online teacher-student relationship

Owing to the pandemic, the healthy teacher-student relationship has become of utmost importance since the teacher can interact with every student in a regular physical classroom but not virtually. They can pace themselves according to the needs of every student. Still, it has become a real task with online classes to connect entirely with the students considering that they’re often muted. If everyone unmutes themselves all at once, it becomes a hassle for the teacher and disturbs the class. To combat this, teachers notice every preschooler in their class and make sure to connect with them and their parents whenever they deem it necessary.

Leverage your tech-savvy faculty: A Hack for PreSchools in Ahmedabad

In recent times, understanding technology has proven to be a necessity. Without a firm grasp of how online video meetings work, any attempt at remote teaching would be futile. To deal with this obstacle, the best schools have taken charge of training and guiding the faculty member every step along the way to ensure that no child’s learning was compromised.

Taking a break in International Preschools in Ahmedabad

Self-care has generated a lot of buzz online in recent years, but teachers must take a break when needed to recharge themselves and impart better education to the children. International School in Ahmedabad understands that.


These five steps allowed preschools in Ahmedabad to deliver an excellent education by putting children and their future first without giving up on the well-being of the teachers despite a global pandemic sweeping the world off its feet. It has allowed students to limit their screen time to educational purposes only despite the easy access to it all day long. Understanding what fits each student best has made online learning less of a barrier and more of a portal to a vast array of subjects and topics that would have not been explored otherwise in a physical classroom.



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