How do I prepare for Ihram?

For a Muslim man or woman to successfully perform Umrah or Hajj, there are specific rituals that must be followed. One of these rituals is to enter into the state of Ihram. Without wearing this dress Umrah cannot be completed and it will be invalid before Allah (SWT). To perform other rituals or acts of Umrah, one must be in the state of Ihram. 

Ihram is a white colour dress specially made for men. It is available in different materials and quality depends on the weather and cost. For women, there is no particular dress for Ihram as their whole veil or abaya is considered as Ihram. Many people do not know about the preparation for this dress to do Umrah. They do not know, after buying this dress, how they should prepare for it. Consider this article “How do I prepare for Ihram?” to know about the Ihram preparation.

Preparation before wearing Ihram 

The main things which should be done before wearing Ihram are below. Often pilgrims are unaware of them.

  • Take Ghusl (shower)
  • Trim your nails
  • Apply unscented fragrance (optional) 
  • Make Niyat for your pilgrimage

Ghusl before Ihram state

Ghusl means taking shower according to Sunnah, which completely washed and cleanses your body. In Islam, Ghusl is also called ‘main ablution’. It is a necessary step before wearing this purity dress as it will remove all the impurities from your body and make cleans it. Without Ghusl (having impurity) it is forbidden to perform prayers, pilgrimages, or any other act. It is acceptable for one who takes Ghusl as Prophet (PBUH) done this act when He was in the state of Ihram. 

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Make Niyat of pilgrimage after wearing Ihram

In Islam, Niyat is the making intention to perform any act to carry out the deed for Allah (SWT). A person gets a reward based on his Niyat. 

Once you have taken the Ghusl and worn the Ihram dress, now it is time to make Niyat for your pilgrimage. Whatever pilgrimage you are performing either Hajj or Umrah, Niyat is mandatory. It also distinguishes between the type and level of worship, deciding whether prayer is necessary or optional. In addition, the Umrah Niyat dua is the most crucial of the rituals performed during Umrah.  

Wearing Ihram dress

Ihram has its different wearing rules and regulations for men and women as discussed below: 

Ihram for men

The Ihram outfit for men is made up of two white, plain pieces of clothing called the Izar and the Rida. They are worn over the shoulders to cover the upper body and wrap around the lower body, respectively. Before entering the state of Ihram, men should take off any clothing that has been stitched or tailored. You can wait until Miqat removes any clothing that violates the rules of Ihram. You may also wear shoes or sandals that should not cover the ankle bones.

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Ihram for women

Women are not expected to adhere to any particular dress code for Ihram. They are free to dress however they please. But that attire dress should be traditional Islamic modesty with a head covering. Although the hands and faces must be uncovered, socks are permitted. The perfect dress for women can be Abaya which covers the whole body.

Where Ihram should be worn?

Pilgrims can wear Ihram at the time of departure from the airport. If they have not done that airport they can wear it on Miqat. A person cannot take off his white dress once he enters on Miqat until the pilgrimage is over. The five important Miqat for Umrah are: 

  • Miqat Qarn al-Manazil
  • Miqat Yalamlam
  • Miqat Dhul al-Hulayfah
  • Miqat al-Juhfah
  • Dhat Irq


After buying your Ihram dress, you should be prepared to wear it properly. When you are about to book your Umrah package, you must know the basic rules and regulations of Umrah.




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