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In ancient times when technology and science were in progress, people were not aware of so many things. But yet at that time, people used a few techniques in their homes to calm their minds and moods, Like the use of light colors, the use of patterns, the use of a nice smell, the use of dim lights, or turning off lights completely to get a good night’s sleep. Now science proved after doing so many experiments, researches, and studies that at night time special hormone melatonin is released from our mind which decreases our stress level. These things are being practiced even now and in the past to relax and get a good environment from the home. Used Furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah provides used and good furniture for home decor to the customers.

Interior impact on Mental health

While constructing a new house, a house owner can take help from the interior designer. This is a subject that people ignore as they have no idea what they are doing or take help from the layman. Having complete knowledge is always good instead of having a little bit of information regarding interior design. Because many of us are entirely unaware of the information regarding house colors and themes. So, many questions before making a house, a person should ask from himself or from the people he lives with. Like; What is the best color for inside the house and what should be painted outside? What type of tiles should be used on the kitchen floor or sitting area? Later, another important element is energy? What type of impact that place is creating on people’s minds and behaviors, etc. Because everyone selects according to their mood and behavior. These selections Impact the subconscious mind.

Analyzing your moods and emotions

You are living in what type of place, analyze it. Visit each room of your house and create an image in your mind and ask yourself a question about what type of energy it gives to you? Is it good, positive, dull, or boring vibes coming from your surroundings? Good vibes mean everything good and create a positive impact on your mind but on the other side, negative vibes mean that you need a change. An entire change in your house furniture and the rest of the things. Although it is not an easy task, still upgrading your house means upgrading your mental health and calmness.

Colors impact on the Mental Health

Each season impacts us separately. For example, Spring colors are different from Autumn colors. But that does not mean that we keep on changing the colors. Choose the color combination keeping all these things in mind. Wall colors should be according to the themes of the furniture or can say that everything enhances each other. If you painted your house wall red or black that will never give a good impact. But you can emerge with other colors and enhance with white color furniture. Take the suggestion from all family members as everyone’s mind and emotional needs are different. The decision, discussion and finalizing process work should be in a relaxed environment. Used Furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah guides their customers regarding furniture and other objects for the house.

3 Tips of using colors and themes in interior

Which type of color suits or matches with what type of floor. Like a century ago plans and puzzle blocks were very in. But now people use tiles with multicolor designs.

1.Use of Black and White tiles

A very interesting and useful technique is the use of black and white tiles juxtaposition on the floor to give an uneven look. If you look at the floor you feel that the floor is broken or unbalanced. People will walk more quickly than usual. This technique is mostly used in crowded areas of any company office. This same style implies lobbies, canteens, house entrances and bathrooms.

2.Use of proper lighting to elevate the mood.

The Lighting of the house or office influences the mind a lot. Lesser or dim lights in the workplace do not give you that elevated feeling compared to bright lights or a room with huge classes from where sunlight shines in your workplace.

Another example is taken from the hotels or restaurants. In such places, management makes lights less or dim purposefully. This gives the feeling of our safety.

Apart from these, few more facts that influence our mood

∙      Bright lights increase your emotions and lift your mood. So always use bright or high-intensity lights in the workplace.

∙      Blue is known as the energy lifter. So, instead of using white or any other color light, use blue light to lift your mood.

∙      A bright sunny day is good especially if you are feeling low. Take a walk or sit in some sort of natural setting. This will increase a special hormone in your brain called serotonin. The main purpose of this hormone is to stabilize our mood. It brings happiness and decreases the level of depression.

3.Use of Mirrors

Another technique is the use of mirrors. This gives a room a bigger look and gives the feeling of expansion. It elevates the mind and spirit. Especially when natural light enters and expands the room. Used furniture Abu Dhabi Mussafah is the only platform for buying good used furniture for the home.

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