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All toys for kids are not created equal, but there are many different types of toys. Kids toys have come a long way. Toys have been around for centuries and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some toys represent a certain skill or experience while other toys require imagination to be played with. There are many different types of toys out there for kids to play with and enjoy which is why we put together this blog post to show you 5 Different Types of Toys for Kids.

Purpose of toys

Toys are toys but they can be used for different purposes. Some toys teach skills like hand eye coordination and others require creativity to be played with on their own terms .

For example, toys that teach skills like hand eye coordination are often found in a doctor’s office. The toys help with dexterity and fine motor skills.

As for toys that require creativity to be played with on their own terms- these toys for kids usually consist of building blocks or other items that can be used as pretend play without any guidance from the toy itself.

Toys provide entertainment but they also have another purpose, so choose wisely when you’re looking at which toys to buy your child!

Some people might think toys are just meant for fun but they serve many purposes such as teaching life lessons and developing children’s physical abilities through different types of activities. Toys vary greatly depending on what the toy is made out of (i.e. toys made of wood and toys made out of plastic).

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Types of Toys for kids

Following are the 5 types of toys.

1.  Toys that are good for children with autism.

These toys are used to help children who have autism understand the world around them by making it more concrete and physical. These toys typically consist of everyday items that could pose a problem for people on the spectrum such as buttons, zippers or shoelaces.

The toy might come in different textures or forms. For example, toys that are bumpy and have different textures for children to touch while playing with the toy teach children about what they feel like without them having to be scared of it in any way.

2.  Educational toys

These toys for kids are usually made so kids use their mind to play with them. These toys sometimes require intelligence like puzzles and building blocks. Educational toys vary greatly depending on what the toy is made out of (i.e. toys made of wood and toys made out of plastic).

Some children might also find toys that teach them about their environment such as toys made out of wood with all sorts of features like a bridge or animal on it, to be really fun because the toys are teaching them while playing at the same time!

Another type of educational toy is one that teaches children about numbers. For example, toys that help children learn about shapes and colors can lead to a more in depth understanding of the world around them.

3.  Toy cars and trucks

These toys are usually made for children that have more freedom to move around, like toddlers. The toys can be used as a pretend vehicle and the child becomes the driver of their own little car or truck.

Some other benefits from toy cars and trucks is that kids learn about how real life vehicles work such as what they do in order to make the car move.

Toy cars teach children responsibility and how things work in real life, which is why they are a popular toy for kids who like to explore the world around them.

4.  Soft stuffed animals

These toys are favorites among many of us as adults because they’re so comforting! Kids love these too, especially when it’s time to go to bed or have a bad day! They provide comfort like no other toy can; some parents even use them as security blankets for their children. Toys like these are usually made from different materials such as plush, cotton or fur.

The toys can also be used for pretend play since soft toys are usually animals. The toys can teach children about the different types of animals in the world, which is why some toys come with a book or storybook about the animal in question.

5.  Dolls

Girls love dressing up their dolls just like mommy does while boys might enjoy playing make-believe with them, pretending they’re superheroes fighting crime together! Plus, dolls can be used in educational ways too by letting your child pretend they’re doctors or nurses caring for a patient doll who is sick.


The toys are meant for fun but they also serve a purpose which is to teach children and develop their physical abilities. There are different types of toys with various purposes- toys that help people on the autism spectrum learn, toys made for kids that like exploring the world around them or toys for pretend play such as soft stuffed animals. What type of toys your child needs is up to you. Just remember they’re not just toys, they have a purpose.

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